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Solar Eclipse Filter




Solar Eclipse Filter

The Solar Eclipse Filter can be used with standard cameras / camcorders or those that have been converted to full spectrum.

Please select the correct sized filter from the drop down selection to match the filter thread of your device.  If the correct sized filter is not available then please select the custom option and note the size of filter required along with your payment or via email (Custom sizes between 37 – 82mm diameter only).  Sizes outside of this range, including Imperial can be quoted on request.

Not all Cameras / Camcorders have filter threads, in such cases we may be able to modify your camcorder to allow filters to be used.  Please note that adaptors are readily the Ultra Zoom cameras such as the Canon SX60 that accommodate 67mm filters.  These adaptors can be purchased from our website if required.

Please contact us using the form below if you require any assistance.

The filter is constructed by fixing a special black polymer film to a standard UV filter.  The additional film has a transmission of 1/1,000th of 1%.

Care should be taken when cleaning the Solar Eclipse Filter as it can be easily scratched.  Loose dust can be blown off using canned air or a light lens brush.  care should be taken to avoid touching the surface of the film.

Caution / Disclaimer:  The filter is intended to be attached to your camera / camcorder with the resulting image being viewed via the LCD screen.  Viewing the filtered image through the viewfinder of a camera, camcorder of telescope is not advised unless have the knowledge how to do so safely as it may cause irreversible damage to the eyes. In all cases, if using the filter in such a way, the filter should be inspected for damage prior to use.  Likewise, any equipment set up in this way should not be left unattended to avoid harm to children and the risk of fire.

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