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Motion Activated Flashing Balls x 2

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Motion Activated Flashing Balls



Motion Activated Flashing Balls x 2

A pair of motion activated flashing balls will be supplied.

Each ball has an on/off switch to activate the encapsulated batteries and circuitry.

While the batteries are not interchangeable, the balls consume very little power and will provide hours of use during ghost hunts and paranormal investigations.

The motion activated balls have become a very popular and affordable trigger device.

When powered on, if the balls are moved the bright LEDs will flash for approx. 15 seconds.

The balls can be placed alone on a table or flat surface and observed to see if to flash without any human interaction.

Alternatively the balls can be placed next to other trigger objects or devices and the user can then attempt calling spirits to interact with the balls, for example “Please can you reach out and make the balls flash”.

This type of trigger object is particularly helpful when tying to engage activity with younger spirits.

A demonstration showing the balls in use can be viewed by clicking the play button that appears in the bottom corner of the image gallery on this page.


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  1. Lee Masters (verified owner)

    Simple and easy to use trigger objects

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  2. Christine Wright (verified owner)

    Bright and flash as soon as they are moved, I have had some from other companies that have to be shaked really hard to get them to flash, but these are very sensitive so will flash at a touch

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  3. Shona Robertson (verified owner)

    Purchased to go on my next ghosthunt. Can’t wait to use them.

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