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EVP Sample Recorder With Variable Speed Playback

EVP Sample Recorder With Variable Speed Playback Hand Built By Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment Store.

This portable battery operated EVP sampler records up to 10 second samples that can be played back at normal speed and also adjusted to play back slower or faster directly from the device, on location, without the need for a laptop or audio editing software such as Audacity.

The EVP sample recorder volume has a built in amplifier preset to an audible level for both  indoors and outdoors use.

A short movie demonstrating the device can be viewed by pressing the play button located in the image gallery of this product.

What is an EVP Recorder Used For?

Electronic voice phenomena, or EVP is a technique used in Paranormal Investigation to record voices and sound from an unknown source. There are several approaches that can be used, the most basic of which is to use an EVP recorder during your investigations.

While using the EVP Recorder, try asking questions so that you can review the response that follows during playback.  Holding simple conversations between Investigators is also a good way to stimulate EVP voices.  Leaving the EVP recorder in an empty locked off room is another technique often used within the Paranormal field.

How to use the device….

Remove the battery cover from the rear of the device and insert 4 x AA batteries the start by thinking of a short question, for example “Can any spirits make themselves known”.  While pressing and holding the record button, announce your question clearly and then continue to hold the record button until the record light extinguishes.  The playback button can then be pressed to listed to the sampled EVP recording.  Listed carefully following the question that you asked for any responses.  The speed / pitch of the sample can be adjusted to a slower or faster rate by turning the potentiometer knob on the exterior of the recorder.  Again, once the speed has been adjusted to the desired rate then listen back to the EVP sample carefully.

Before recording your next sample, the potentiometer should be set back to the mid way position.





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