Full Spectrum Mobile Phone Camera

Night Vision Smartphone with Full Spectrum Front and Rear Cams




Night Vision Smartphone with Full Spectrum Front and Rear Cams

Night Vision Smartphone with Full Spectrum Front and Rear Cams for sharing live paranormal events to social media including Facebook, Twitter Periscope and YouTube.  Movie footage and still images can also be captured direct to the device for sharing later.

We sell various model of this phone with and without accessories.  If you have any questions regarding the differences then please contact us and we would be delighted to advise.  Basically this model is one of our most advanced as it boasts both front and rear full spectrum converted cameras.

13MP / HD movies front camera + 5MP Front Facing camera both modified to Full Spectrum

Super Bright,

Fast f1.9 Aperture lens – Amazing low light performance

Tethers to your existing phone or can utilise on onboard SIM slot

Interchangeable battery offers convenience and continued use**

Focusing distance 3 feet to infinity

Android 5.1 Lollipop




1000’s of Ghost Hunting Apps available via the Google Play Store including Ghost Box Spirit Radios and Many Other Paranormal Tools.

The device is not just for livestreaming and its f1.9 low light capable rear facing camera making it perfect for use as a stand alone full spectrum camera or camcorder that is capable of recording in pitch black darkness when paired with IR illumination.  The front facing camera has also been converted allowing the device to be flipped between views while recording.

Following modification the focusing distance of the rear camera has been set to between 150cm and Infinity. The focus of the front facing camera has been adjusted to focus under IR light between 35cm and infinity which is ideal for handheld use.

While the Full Spectrum Night Vision Livestream Mobile Phone has its own SIM card slot, to avoid Network and Branding compatibility issues, this device can be tethered to your own Apple Ios or Android Smartphone. Just hook up to your existing phones local hot spot to take advantage of your own current data plan. If you would prefer to use a SIM directly in the converted mobile phone then please contact us prior to purchase. We can the discuss which specific UK network SIM you wish to use (SIM not included).

We take a Samsung J5 2016 Android Smartphone and convert the rear facing 13MP HD Movie capable rear camera to Full Spectrum. This results in a Night Vision capable device ready to be paired with your IR illuminator for filming and sharing stills and movies while out on location. A form of Infrared illumination will be required to take images or movies in complete darkness. We stock USB OTG IR Illuminators that offer a modest range and also high powered portable Infrared Illumination if required.

Once your have established your preferred data connection (SIM, Hotspot or Wifi Router) you can begin to add your favorite apps to the Full Spectrum Night Vision Livestream Mobile Phone via the Google Play Store. (Users not having a Google Account will need to register for a free account).

Common Apps for Livestreaming include Twitter (Periscope), Facebook and YouTube and others can be added such as Simulcast that allow you to livestream to all of these at the same time.

To watch a brief demonstration movie of the Full Spectrum Night Vision Livestream Mobile Phone being used as a camera, please click the play button that appears in the corner of the product images gallery.  An overview can also been seen embedded in the description below.

The Mobile Phone supplied will be modified and be in good working order.  We used refurbished stock to help keep costs low and as such the handset will more than likely show previous signs of use, small surface scratches and minor dents and small superficial chips or cracks to the corners or edges of the glass screen.

** The Full Spectrum Night Vision Livestream Mobile Phone will be supplied with Battery and USB charging lead. Additional batteries can be purchased online from EBay or Amazon for less than £5 .

Conversion Only Option

Should you already own a Samsung J5 2016 and wish to have the rear facing camera converted to Full Spectrum then please choose the ‘Conversion Service’ option.  Following checkout simply send your Samsung J5 to us and we will complete the conversion within 5 working days.  We will contact you with our address, to which we recommend you post your Samsung J5 via a suitably tracked and insured postal service.


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