paranormal ghost hunting journal notebook notepad
paranormal ghost hunting journal notebook notepad
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Paranormal Investigators Evidence Notepad

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Paranormal Investigators Evidence Notepad

Ghost Hunting Notepad

The Ghost Hunting Notepad has 160 pages, formatted with a layout to help you keep notes whilst out Ghost Hunting.

You can then look back at your notes when revisiting EVP’s, reviewing Camera footage, or when you write up your Ghost Hunting Blog and posts for social media.

The Ghost Hunting Notepad is spiral bound and measure approx 5″ x 8″ and has a heavy weight professionally printed cover and flexible plastic back.

We also stock a wide range of Ghost Hunting Equipment and Full Spectrum Nightvision Capable Cameras and Camcorders.

You will find SLS Cameras, Spirit Portals, Ghost Boxes and A Wide Range of Ghost Hunting Detector Pods with EMF, Static and REM Circuitry.

EVP recorders and Specialist Microphones, ALICE Box Tablets, Haunted Dolls and Ghost Hunting Bears.  Take a Look at Our Other Pages and Products For More Details.


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