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Spirit Lantern Trigger Object

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Spirit Lantern Trigger Object



Spirit Lantern Trigger Object

The Spirit Lantern Trigger Object can be seen in use by clicking the play button that appears in the image gallery.

The Spirit Lantern Can Be Used As A Stand Alone Device or An Interactive Trigger Object.  It Can Be Placed On Flat Surface Or Hung Up by The Loop Then Observed.  Alternatively The User Can Call Out For Spirits to Interact With The Lantern And Trigger It To Indicate Red or Green.

The Lantern Independently Senses Positive and Negative Energy Fields.  This is a major advantage over e-field detectors that can’t distinguish between the positive and negative fields.  Basic e-field detectors often give false triggers or remain constantly on or off as they can only indicate one state.

When the Lantern is powered on it will display the current state of the field being sensed.  The LEDs will light green to indicate the presence of positive energy, Red for negative energy, or both colours when the energy fields are balanced that gives an orange candle like glow.

Having the ability to distinguish between the energy fields allows the user to establish the baseline energy within the area of use before.  Subsequent changes in state can then be easily observed.

The Lantern can be used to gain supporting evidence for investigations in conjunction with our wide range of other meters and devices.  Static impulses are indicated by the LED that suggests the likelihood of Spiritual Activity are greater.

This item is currently built to order so will be subject to a lead time of up to 5 working days to despatch.

Please note the appearance of the lantern may vary depending on availability of stock.

Click the play button in the image gallery to see a demo / overview of the item.


Additional footage of the device in use at an abandoned farmhouse by Charlene of Paranormal Hauntings can be seen below.

Getting the device to trigger in such a way takes a lot of persistence and patience, what how the device triggers to call out


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  1. Phillip (verified owner)

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  2. Tignyx

    It is a cool device. We have only had it out once and didn’t do too much but then also the place we were investigating was really quiet and no devices were really giving much responses (haven’t gone through my recorders yet). But we did test it out and it worked beautifully. Everyone was complimenting how amazing the construction was on the device and how they thought it was a real lantern that we just had around to use. Will update with video when we use this more but definitely happy with it so far.

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