ghost hunting camcorder sony nightshot camera
ghost hunting camcorder sony nightshot camera
ghost hunting camcorder sony nightshot camera
ghost hunting camcorder sony nightshot camera

Sony CX240 HD Full Spectrum Camcorder


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Sony CX240 HD Full Spectrum Camcorder

Nightvision Capable Full Spectrum Camcorder 1080P High Definition Movies

9.2MP Still Images

This Camcorder Has Been Modified To Full Spectrum For Paranormal Investigation And Serious Ghost Hunters.

Nightvision Capable Full Spectrum Converted Camcorder Offering Very Wide Dynamic Light Sensitivity Yielding Ultraviolet, Visible And Infrared Light.

Built In USB For Easy Download

Low Light Exmor R Sensor

Steady Shot

Auto Or Manual Spot Metering

Auto And Manual Focus

The Massive Optical Zoom Retains Image Quality Of The Footage

Right Up To 54x Magnification

As With All Nightvision Camcorders, An IR Illuminator Will Be Required To Shoot Movies In Complete Darkness.  We Have A Wide Range Available If Required.

An Excellent Camcorder With Superb Quality Results, Ideal For Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigators.

So What Is Different About Our Full Spectrum Devices? This Is Not A Standard Off The Shelf Camcorder, It Has Been Modified To Allow It To See Beyond Our Range Of Vision. In Addition To The Spectrum Of Colours That Our Eyes See In Every Day Life, (Those We Recognise In A Rainbow) This Camcorder Will Also See Ultraviolet And Infrared Light Providing An Immediate Advantage As It Enables Anomalies Outside Of The Visible Spectrum To Be Captured. These Are Then Stored By The Camcorder As An Electronic Representation Of The UV, Visible And IR Light. Similar To How A Camcorder Records A Video, But For An Extended Range Of Light.




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