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police car trigger object
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Childs Car Trigger Object

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Childs Car Trigger Object

This is an experimental prototype trigger device. Please press the play button in the image gallery to see the product demo  

Motion Trigger Aimed at communicating gently and encouraging child spirits.

When turning the car on the lights on and inside the car will begin to flash.

With the trigger is activated, when motion is sensed the car wheels will turn and the car will move.

The device requires 3 x AA batteries + 1 x PP3 9V Battery

The AAA batteries are housed in base of car to supply power to the lights and circuitry. The Motion circuit requires an additional battery that can be accessed and clipped in place when the car is in use by lifting the top shell of base of car.

While the circuits and wiring inside the car are secured well there are some delicate connections. As such care should be taken when removing the top shell of the car to access the inner battery




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