Help! My House Is Haunted S2 Equipment


Help My House IS Haunted S02

Help! My House Is Haunted S2 Equipment included several devices from Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment Store.

Barri Ghai, Jayne Harris and Chris Fleming get the second series underway investigating several houses located around the UK.

The international team of paranormal experts meet up with the owners of various haunted house, during which several of our devices were used.

The series, created by Zak Bagans, can be seen on the Really channel.

equipment help house haunted

The Infraready REM TEMP being used by Barri Ghai

help house haunted barri ghai
help my house is haunted

Our very own Infraready Spirit Portal alongside Chris, Barri and Jayne.

barri ghai ghost hunting equipment
The Team Signed and Returned our RemTemp Infrapod!!
REMPOD barri ghai
Our REMPOD Combined with Laser Matrix was also used during the series.

All of these devices can be found online at our ghost hunting store,

We are proud to have supported such a well established show and hope to extend our support further in coming series in both the UK and US.

2 replies on “Help! My House Is Haunted S2 Equipment


    Really like help my house is haunted, one of the best on T,V, any chance of it coming out on D.V. D ?
    would love to add it to my collection.

  • Traci E Lambert

    I just wanted to say that I believe in ghost and spirits I have always believed since I was a child… I seen a man and woman dancing in my moms kitchen and the house I live in now is active…so far I know that a little girl and boy is here and there is a man that scares me…..he makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on there is even a dog is here….think its a German shepherd…company has wanted to blessed my house but I wouldn’t let them do yeah I’m a believer.


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