We Stock An Extentise Range Of Haunted Dolls and Teddy Bears for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation.

Each Of Our Haunted Dolls Are Fitted With Single Or Combined Electronic Circuits to Sense The Presence Of Static, EMF and REM Proximity.

Haunted Dolls Are A Great Tool For Stimualting Interaction And Activity During Paranormal Investigation, Call and Response Techinques Can Be Used Simply To See If A Connection To Spiritual Activity Can Be Used To Trigger The LED Idicators Or Audible Alarms.

When Left In Isolation Or In A Locke Off Area, Our Full Spectrum Camcorders Can Left Recording The Haunted Doll For Review At A Later Time.

The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society…… Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment were delighted to provide https://www.ghostfinder.co.uk/
with one our custom built devices. 

Since 2006 The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society has investigated thousands of allegedly haunted properties across the United Kingdom and uncovered real evidence of the paranormal.

Mark Williams sent a request asking if we could build a REM with temperature display.  Within an hour we had built a prototype for testing which can be seen being held by Barri Ghai and Ash Buckenham.  

If you’re a fan of Ghost Hunting Programs in the UK, you may well recognise Barri and Ash. 

Ash has starred as one of the lead investigators and tech wizard on channel MY5 Celebrity Ghost Hunt alongside Rylan and as the name suggests a host of other Celebs from the UK. 


Ash Buckenham

Barri Ghai founded the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society in early 2006 with the intention of helping more people understand and find answers to the paranormal by attempting to gather tangible evidence.

Barri Ghai is currently presenting a brand new TV show on Really Channel called Help! My House is Haunted. The 12 episode show airs on Friday nights at 10pm ad stars world renowned psychic medium Chris Fleming, and French paranormal investigator Sandy Lakdar. The series has been produced by the creator and Executive Producer of Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans. All previous episodes can be seen on catch up via the UKTV Play App. 

Barri Ghai

Infraready are hoping to build a strong bond with the GPS team, partnering with them to trial our prototypes out in the field before they are offered for sale on our website.  Watch this space throughout 2019 and be sure to follow the GPS team, Barri and Ash on their adventures throughout the year ahead.

Our Full Range of Ghost Hunting Equipment Can Be Found Online at https://infraready.co.uk/home/

Its Here, The Nikon P1000

Full Spectrum Converted Camera….

Nikon P1000 Full Spectrum Converted Camera. UFO and Skywatching fanatics, Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators will be pleased to hear that Infraready have converted the Nikon P1000 just months after its realease.

The P1000 is equipped with an Ultra Zoom, currently the longest in the world exceeding the performance of its predecessor the P900 by a mile.  The 125x Zoom, thats 24-3000mm in terms of 35mm Cameras!

Here is a taster of the camera….


The ultra-high-definition (approx. 2,360k-dot) electronic viewfinder gives a clear, detailed view of your shot even in bright conditions. And the bright 3.2-in 921k-dot LCD monitor can be tilted and twisted in almost any direction. An eye sensor automatically switches from monitor shooting to viewfinder shooting the instant you raise the camera to your face.

This camera’s generous grip ensures a stable hold and the side zoom control lets you extend the lens with your thumb. A simple press of the snap-back zoom button will retract the lens to a wider angle, making it easy to pick up subjects that have moved out of shot. This COOLPIX is also less than a quarter of the weight of an SLR camera with super-telephoto lens attached. Weighing just 1.4 kg, it’s much easier to manage when shooting handheld.



Nikon P1000 Full Spectrum Converted Camera

Soul Reaper Paranormal are an experienced group of friends, investigators and paranormal researchers that love to operate at a professional level but also love to be themselves.  Soul Reaper believe this is one of the most important factors of their team.

Infraready and Soul Reaper Paranormal Have an Established Relationship, Supporting One Another In The paranormal Community.

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Celebrity Ghost Hunt

Being offered the opportunity to suppport such a fantastic show as Celebrity Ghost Hunt was amazing! Rich Merritt (Production Director / Goo Wood Media) and Ashley Buckenham (Presenter / The Ghost Finder Paranormal Society) engaged in conversation over what equipment would be suited to the environments and locations they were set to visit. Continue reading →

DIY Ghost Hunting Equipment Tutorials


In this demo we will show you how to build a simple yet effective sweep radio.

  • Sweeps the FM band between 88-108MHZ
  • The ability to sweep up or down
  • Adjustable Sweep Speed
  • Volume Control
  • Include White Noise Between Steps

If you would like to buy the components in kit form they can be found the Spirit Box section of our shop at https://Infraready.co.uk

The youtube movie above shows how to connect the circuitry and operate the sweep direction and rate.

This provides a great solution for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation, a very effective FM sweep radio that can

easily be accommodated into a small project box or even an antique radio.


We also sell reverb circuits and amplfiers should you wish to create your own spirit portal.