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EM Field Responder – Communicate with spirits

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Communicate with spirits and paranormal entities ….

SAFELY COMMUNICATE WITH SPIRITS. Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment Specialists.

In the base of this device there are a series of earth magnets that radiate a subtle magntic field.  The pendulum is then attracted to a response on the base of the device, indicationing one of the following six response;

Yes, No, ?, Definately, Maybe, Ask again.

Using the device is simple.  Assemble the Pendulum so that it sits centrally in a position where it is not drawn by the present magnetic filed.  Standard Questions and Calling Techniques can then be performed to influence the magnetic fields with the aim of drawing the pendulum to a specific response.  The Pendulum can also be swung into motion while calling and asking questions before a response is given.

Prepare a set of questions, it is best to start with one that you know the response to.
For example we would ask, “is our store called infraready”.
This will help you to gain confidence the device is giving the correct responses.
You can then start asking paranormal / spiritual questions.
Simple and easy to use however we only advise experienced investigators who know how to safely contact spirits to use this device.



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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  2. The Unknown UK

    We have this product from Infraready and it is very well made. We haven’t used ours very much yet but I have seen other people use this and have great results. It’s well made and portable. I would recommend that you buy it to help build up your kit and another way of communication with spirits. It’s also good value.

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