emf temperature ghost hunting meter
emf temperature ghost hunting meter
emf temperature ghost hunting meter
ghost hunting emf detector meter device KII
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EMF Detector with Hot Cold Display

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EMF Meter and Thermometer with Visual and Audible Alert

(Like MEL Meter)

EMF Meter with Thermometer. Easy to use, switch on/off and select scale, temperature setting.  Indicates changes in temperature, ideal for indicating and confirming Hot and Cold Spots.


The EMF meter is one of the most important tools for a ghost hunter and is growing in popularity within the paranormal community.

Theories suggest that electromagnetic anomalies often take place during/around the same time as paranormal activity occurs.

This meter allows you to detect and measure these disturbances as they happen!


Large LCD readout

Detects & measures EM fields with 2 scales for high accuracy

Digital Thermometer / Temperature Display C/F

Audible and visual alerts upon detection

Dual Coloured Backlit display – Green Indicates low EMF presence / Red Indicates high EMF presence

Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

We Recommend Using The Meter In Conjunction With One Of Our Full Spectrum Cameras. When The Reading Deflects, Or Visual / Audible Alert Triggers, Take An Image Using The Camera. Whilst There May Be No Immediate Activity Apparent To The Human Eye, Our Cameras Have Captured Clear Evidence Using This Technique.

Imported To The UK Direct From The Manufacturer. This Also Helps You To Avoid Costly Import Charges As We Have Already Dealt With The Customs Fee.

The EMF Meter Has Been Successfully Used To Monitor The Presence Of Paranormal Activity And Has Been Tested As A Trigger Device.
The Device Is Simple To Use And Is Compatible With Our EM Pumps



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