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Paranormal EVP Recorder




Paranormal EVP Recorder

Paranormal EVP Recorder For Ghost Hunting
While Mobile Phones And Cheap Recording Devices Can Be Used For EVP Recording, Getting The Best EVP Recorder You Can Afford With A High Quality Output Is Essential For Recording EVPs If You Are Intending To Use Them For Credible Evidence. We Have Carefully Researched And Tested All Of The EVP Recorders And Accessories That We Carry In Stock To Ensure This Is The Case.
We Also Stock External Stereo Microphones, Raudive Mics And EVP Portable Speakers That Are Full Compatible With This EVP Recorder.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Digital Recorder With Matrix Display, Headphones And External Mic.
Capable Of Recording Over 600 Hours Of Data Via The Internal Or External Microphone, Our EVP Recorder Can Be Used To Capture And Playback High Quality Audio Evidence Of Paranormal Investigations.
We Supply A Set Of In Ear Headphones With The Device For Discreet Playback And Also An External Microphone Which Can Be Used To Document Voice Recordings Or Isolate Vibrations / Noise From Recordings If The Device Is Place On A Moving Surface.
Other Headphones Or Microphones Having A 3.5mm Stereo Jack Can Be Safely Used With The Device.
The Item Can Also Be Connected To Spirit Boxes Such As The PSB-7 (Not Included).

What Is An EVP Recorder Used For?
Electronic Voice Phenomena, Or EVP Is A Technique Used In Paranormal Investigation To Record Voices And Sound From An Unknown Source. There Are Several Approaches That Can Be Used, The Most Basic Of Which Is To Use An EVP Recorder During Your Investigations.
These Recordings Can Then Be Played Back On The Device, Or Reviewed And Studied In Greater Detail On A Desktop Computer Or Laptop Using An Audio Editor Such As Audacity (Free Download Available). Using Software Allows The User To Alter The Speed And Direction Of Playback, With The Aim Of Finding EVP Voices Or Messages Within The Audio.
While Using The EVP Recorder, Try Asking Questions So That You Can Review The Response That Follows During Playback. Holding Simple Conversations Between Investigators Is Also A Good Way To Stimulate EVP Voices. Leaving The EVP Recorder In An Empty Locked Off Room Is Another Technique Often Used Within The Paranormal Field.
Specialist Microphones Such Our Raudive Mic Can Be Used To Isolate Sounds Within The Human Hearing Range From Your EVP Sessions. Yielding Only Electro Magnetic Frequencies Often Suggested Where Paranormal Activity Is More Present.

Key Features:
Brand New And High Quality
Built In Mic Or Line In
4GB Internal Memory
Long Time Voice Recording
Mass Storage USB High Speed
Great For Recording Lectures, Meetings, Interviews, Discreet & Covert Spy Recording
Material: Aluminium Alloy Housing
False Colour OLED Display
Support MP3/WAV Recording Formats
Record Audio From LINE-IN
Time Recording, Voice Operation Recording, Telephone Recording
Support Real-Time Recording
128X64 Lattice Screen
Supports Multiple Languages
Recording Indication
Sound Control Function (VOR) Available
A-B Repeat Function: Repeat A Certain Part Of A Music File
Delete Function: Delete MP3 Music Files And Voice Files Stored In The Device. You Can Choose To Delete A Single File Or All Files
Recording And Replaying Of Recording Files
USB Connecting, Facilitating Upload And Download Of Voice Files
With Speaker & Microphone
Low Battery Power Indication
Built-In Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Dimension: Approx. 8.5 X 3.5x 1.5 Cm

What’s Included?
1 X Voice Recorder
1 X USB Cable / Charging Lead
1 X Earphones
1 X 3.5mm To 3.5mm Jack Lead For Line In Recording From External Devices
1 X English User Guide

Connects To A PC Easily. No Need For Software Install


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