IR Flood Illuminator & Camcorder Bracket




IR Flood Illuminator & Camcorder Bracket

High Powered Floodlight Infrared Night Vision Illuminator With Cam Bracket.
Powered By 12v Rechargeable Battery (Battery And Charger Purchase Options Below) Or Can Be Powered By Our 12v Power Supply Unit.
1/4 Mount Screw Provided For Mounting Camera Or Camcorder To Tripod Socket.
Built-In Light Detector – Switches Unit Into Power Save When In Areas With Sufficient Light.
The Bracket Allows A Camera/Camcorder And Floodlight Illuminator To Be Mounted As Shown (Floodlight Illuminator IS Included – Camcorder Is Not Included)
The Mount Itself Can Also Be Mounted To A Tripod For Additional Stability If Required.

Important Info:
The Floodlight Illuminator Is A Higher Power Device That Requires The Use Of A 12v Rechargeable Battery To Function. Options To Buy The 12v Rechargeable Battery And/Or Charging Unit Are Available Below. Alternatively, We Also Sell A Cheaper Alternative, Our 12v Power Supply Unit For Uninterrupted Mains Power.

May Be Different To The Device Pictured, But Will Be Of Equal Output (For Example 48 X 10mm LED’s / 140 X 5mm LED’s)

Brand New Floodlight Illuminator Light IR Infrared Night Vision
These Are Professionally Manufactured Illuminators That Have Several Advantages Over The DIY Illuminators Often Listed Elsewhere For Sale On The Internet And Ebay.


Weatherproof Enclosure Prevents Dust And Moisture Ingress, Extending Power Consumption And The Life Of The Device.
The Beam Is Concentrated Specifically To Suit Night Vision Recorders.
The Adjustable Bracket Allows The Beam To Be Adjusted, Unlike The Rigid Mounts Of Black Box Style Illuminators.
A Rechargeable Battery Or Mains Adapter Can Be Used To Safely Power The Unit.
Power Consumption Is Reduced As The Illuminator Switches Itself Into Power Save Mode If Sufficient Light Is Available.
Voltage Regulation To Ensure Constant Light Is Emitted Without Flicker Or Drop Out. This Will Also Extend The LED Lifetime As The Voltage Is Rectified To Maximise LED Lifespan.


Illuminates The Scene That Can Be Captured With Night Vision Capable Equipment, The Light Emitted Is Invisible To The Human Eye
LED Life Time Over 100,000 Hrs
Auto Power-On Sensor, Only Turn-On When The Surrounding Is Dark
All-Weather Aluminium And Reinforced Glass Design
Illuminator Is Powered By A 12v Rechargeable Battery Or Our DC 12V 500ma Adaptor (Battery Or Power Supply Not Included, Please Select Below If Required)
Floodlight Infrared Illuminator With Cam Bracket

All Images Are For Informational Purposes Only, To Demonstrate The Floodlight Illuminator And Cam Bracket. The Camcorder Is Not Included!


Power Options:

Our 12v Mains Adapter

12v Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

12v Charging Unit


We sell a wide range of IR illuminators which complement any full spectrum device, allowing stills and movies to be taken in complete darkness.  The effective range of illuminators can vary depending on several factors including your device, the type of illuminator used, the conditions and whether you are indoors or outdoors.  When indoors, the range of an illuminator in small to medium sized rooms will bounce of surfaces and increase its effectivity.  To give you a good idea of how our illuminators perform, we have paired one of our Full Spectrum Modified camcorders with two types of illuminator to capture this footage outdoors..
48 LED Infrared Illuminator Demo (Outdoors)
Infrared Floodlight Demo (outdoors)

Additional information


No Power Options Selected, 12v Mains Power Supply, 12v Rechargeable Battery + Charging Unit, 12v Rechargeable Battery Only, Charging Unit Only


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