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Communicate with spirits Yes / No Box (MKII)






Communicate With Spirits And Paranormal Entities Using This Binary Response Device….

As a popular selling device we have developed the Yes / No box further taking in to account feedback from our customers.  The original Yes / No box has no On/Off Switch meaning the batteries have to be removed between use.  Whilst the addition of a power switch has results in a small increase in material and assembly time, the added convenience of the switch mkaes the finishes off the device and makes it easier to use straight out of your ghost hunting kit bag.

Safely Communicate With Spirits.  In Response To Questions The Box Will Show A Red LED For ‘No’ And A Green LED For ‘Yes’.

Prepare A Set Of Questions, It Is Best To Start With One That You Know The Response To.

For Example We Would Ask, “Is Our Website Store Called Infraready”

This Will Help You To Gain Confidence That The Box Is Giving The Correct Response.

You Can Then Start Asking Paranormal / Spiritual Questions

We Only Advise Experienced Investigators Who Know How To Safely Contact Spirits To Use This Device.

Simple And Easy To Use, Remove The Battery Cover And Insert A Standard 9v Battery then power on the device using the on/off switch.


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