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Mini Ghost Box


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Mini Ghost Box

Mini Ghost Box Sweep Radio – This hacked radio provides some amazing results and is excellent value for money.

The Mini Ghost Box Sweep Radio Incorportaes Our Clean Sweep Scan And Store Circuitry.

We take a new Radio and hack it to store stations from across the FM radio band and repeat them back without static and white noise.  This provides very clear audio snippets and pronouned messages.

A good scan will store between 8-14 station and play them back in a continuous loop, a small sample from each stored station being played back to back.  Our larger portals store between 20-30 stations should you require a more complex sweep

On powering on the Ghost Box Sweep Radio, the mode button can be pressed to activate the ‘Radio Mode’.  Due to the Modification Required, The Bluetooth and SD Card Playback Features Of The Original Radio Have Been Disabled.


Rechargeable Battery  – Micro USB Charging Lead Supplied

Please watch the product demo and user guide by clicking the play button that appears in the product image gallery.



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