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Spirit Portal Reverb Ghost Box (DIY Kit)




Spirit Portal Reverb Ghost Box (DIY KIT)

Spirit Portal Reverb Ghost Box Kit Scan and Store circuitry by Infraready, ideal if you are looking to build your own sweep radio.

A Movie Showing How to build the spirit box Can Be Found In The Image Gallery.

The Ghost Box has become an esstential ITC tool for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Research, one that offers a great way of communicating with spirits and entities.

Portable Battery Operated FM Sweep Radio Kit offering Regional Scan and Store function, Adjustable Volume and Reverb Control.

This Scan and Store Ghost Box Sweep Radio is not to be confused with many of the ITC devices found on Ebay that are typically built around speaker radions or cheap radios from the far east.  A lot of thought and time has been put into our ghost box kits to offer our customers a functional and unique design.

This kit can be used to build a very clear and loud Ghost Box.  A demo of the Ghost Box Kit housed in a vintage radio shell can be found at the bottom of the page.

What is included in the kit?

The Radio Kit Includes the Parts Listed Below.  You Will Need to Solder These Parts Together and House Them In A Suitable Retro Radio Box.

  • FM Radio Module 88-108 Mhz with Backlit LCD Display
  • Pulse Circuit – This circuit will make the radio module continually scan through the stored frequencies
  • Reverb Module – The Control Knob allows full adjustrment of the reverb applied.  Can be switched off like a traditional Ghost Box or increased to give full reverb that adds an echo to the audio snippets giving it the same sound as a Spirit Portal.
  • Amplifier – Includes a Volume Knob, just rotate it to adjust the volume.
  • Push Switch – This is used for the Scan and Store Button that allows the Ghost Box to retune to regional broadcast.  The Ghost Box takes around 60 seconds to scan the FM band between 88-108Mhz and stores the broadcasts.  The Ghost Box typically store between 20-30 stations which are then repatededly scanned at a moderate preset rate for optimum results.
  • Speaker
  • Antenna – The Telescopic Antenna can be extended to increase pickup or coil up to partially de-tune the reception.
  • Wire
  • Battery Holder (Requires 4xAA batteries, not included)


What else will you need?

While each circuit board will be pre-assembled, each part of the kit listed will need to be connected together.

Solder, A Soldering Iron along with the Knowledge and Ability How Assemble The Circuitry.

A YouTube Video Can Be Found At The Bottom Of The Page Showing How The Circuitry Is Connected Together.

A suitable retro radio to house the circuitry.  This will offer protection to the circuitry and help provide greater volume and clarity.

To minimise the amount of modification required, we suggest getting an old retro radio box, one with three holes in the front facia.  This will allow the Amplifier, Reverb and Push Switch to be easily mounted.  We advise using small wooden blocks and hot glue to do this as they are non conductive and will not upset your final circuit.

The Retro Radios Speaker can also be utilised and can be left mounted in place, a great alternative to the smaller speaker supplied in the kit.

The original knobs from the radion can also be kept and modified to finish off your project.

Appearance / Customised Service

We offer a range of additional circuits that can be added to your ghost box project.

Please advise if you would like a quote for these options before purchasing this DIY kit and we can offer a combined price.

Tesla Audio Matrix (This can be seen in the product demo at the bottom of the page and in the image of our finished demo box in the product gallery )

REM Circuit – Proximity Senor with Auidble and LED alert

Static Indicator – Two Large LEDS – Red displaying Negative Static Field, Green to display Positive Static Field.


Product Demonstration (Showing the circuitry assembled and housed in a Radio Shell with the Tesla Audio Matrix)


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