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Alice Box ITC Device

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Alice Box ITC Device

The Alice Box ITC Device is now available as a standalone handheld device conveniently powered by 4xAA Alkaline batteries!!

Why not join the ALICE Box community page on Facebook!  You can see ALICE in action and comments from other users!

The Rebirth of Alice, She is alive and eager to be used on your next Paranormal adventure!! You can see the evolution of Alice from the Windows based app first lauched in 2014 here

Five Naturally Speaking Languages Are Available, English, German, Italian, French and Hungarian.  Unless Specifically Requested, Alice will be supplied with an English Speaking Voice.

I’ve been working closely with Jo Saul, the creator of the original Windows based version of Alice for some time now, and as a result we have  created a fully integrated hardware version of Alicebox.

For those of you that have used the Windows version of the Alice Box, you will know that it is a psychokinetic app that displays words on the screen.

The Alice Box ITC Device takes all of the unique algorithms and routines used by the popular software version and developed over several years, and runs within its own chassis/enclosure. It’s a true stand-alone device with the unique behavior of the original.

Additionally, it now audibly announces each word as they are selected, together with clearly displaying them (a very often requested feature for the Windows version).

The device also has a two line display, that shows the current word and the previous word.

Alice will requires 4xAA Alkaline Batteries that will provide approximately 6-8 hours of continued use.  Depending on the make of Alkaline batteries that are used, Alice may continue to run for longer.  When the batteries require changing, the device will occasionally reset after words have been announced or play an audible click.

The following movie clip demonstrates the production model (Black Case) next to the concept model (Green Case)

Take a look at the original prototype Alice DNA see the movie clip below or click the play button in the corner of the image gallery..



If there is a long waiting list for Alice, can I source it from another website?

Other than purchasing the Alice box from Infraready directly, Our global distribution partner based in Austria, EU, is the only official alternative stockist.  You can find the German version of Alice on their website at (If you choose to purchase from PSI Vienna, please ensure you select the correct language option as they will otherwise send their default language, that being German.

So what is ITC???

Instrumental Trans Communication is the name that has been given by Professor Ernst Senkowski, a German physicist, for the technique of contacting spirits using any electronic means, whether to capture the images of spirits, to record their voices, or, more lately, have them directly influence modern electronic equipment in order for them to communicate with us.

After years of activities in the domain of Trans Communication research, and in all the different types of mediumship development, our relationship has strengthened with our spirit partners, and we have learned how to connect with them and how to communicate with them.

Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are considered aspects of physical mediumship, as the spirit’s actions also affect the objects, specifically the equipment.

And what does ALICE do???

The Alice Box ITC Device is a custom designed software program which runs independently of a windows device.

A very long time in development and using wide ranging programmer skill sets in the specialised areas of natural language programming ( NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI), she is an ideal device to add to any paranormal group’s armory for site investigative work.

Her alternating scan lights flash hypnotically whilst the circuitry within the computer invites external influence by spirit entities.

As the programmed circuitry and code is influenced, the lights stop flashing and after a brief pause of a few seconds, a word or an entire phrase is displayed on her output line very clearly for all of the team to read followed by an audible announcement of the word..

Her internal dictionary has been duplicated from the original version of Alice, hence the name Alice DNA being given.

In use, the Alice Box DNA Psychokinetic ITC Device has proven to be remarkably accurate and relevant during paranormal investigations. The chances of the various words and phrases which she has output being selected at random are astronomically small! Consistency and relevance have been truly breath-taking during trials, and she continues to amaze… it’s not uncommon for her to give actual names which have strong verifiable connections with the building being investigated.



ABIG Thanks to Miki York @UKHAUNTED for the images of Alice and Janet the haunted doll.





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  1. Michael N

    Ive had this bit of kit for about 3 months now. I use it at least once a week on investigations and find it to be a winner with the guests. It comes out with some very relevant words and information. It is now something I always use and think it is amazing thing to have. Im so glad I own it and make sure its used every week. Would highly recommend.

    (11) (1)
  2. Michael

    All I can say is it works. It’s scary how well the intelligent response come . Amazing!

    (4) (0)
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