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Oldfield Spiritual Energy Glasses

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Oldfield Spiritual Energy Glasses

Oldfield Spiritual Energy Glasses

‘The Oldfield Spiritual Energy Glasses Split Light Into Different Frequency Components Which Are Seen In Multiple Colours. This Set-Up, In Experienced And Sensitive Hands, Can Yield Extraordinary Images Showing Energy Field Effects And Entities Otherwise Invisible’



The Oldfield Spiritual Energy Glasses Can Also Be Used For Spiritual / Photonic Photography. They ca also be Held In Front Of Your Camcorder / Camera Lens* To Split Visible Light Into The Separate Wavelengths Of The Visible Light Spectrum.

The Experienced User Can Achieve Exceptional Images Using The Oldfield Spiritual Energy Filter To Capture Energy Fields That Are Otherwise Invisible To The Human Eye.

Harry Oldfield has termed the phrase ‘spiritual photonic interference’ and uses the filter to investigate such phenomena. This theory has also to imply breaking the ‘light barrier’, the scientific criterion that alleges that nothing can exceed the speed of light. Harry believes that in other universes the speed of light is different. Also, there is evidence emerging with the help of researchers such as Bruce L. Cathie (author of ‘Harmonic 33’, amongst many other books) that even on Earth the speed of light is not constant. We also approve of the research on photophoresis where light has been seen to travel in spirals.

The Oldfield Filter is for experimental purposes only.

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  1. Robert (verified owner)

    I started experimenting with these and all the different ways they can be used. I’m going to keep doing new experiments with them as time goes on. I like them! I could use them as my second pair of eyes to help me see what I normally cannot see just in case. And then real quick use them to take photos if something occurs around me

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