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XPOD Radar Movement Detector

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XPOD Radar Movement Detector

The XPOD Radar Movement Detector uses a Microwave Radar to detect motion.  It is totally safe to use and has detection field of 360 degrees.

The device is similar in principle to a REMPOD or a PIR Movement Detector but the big difference is the XPOD can sense movement through doors and walls.

The X-ray like abilities of this motion detecting device will allow you to investigate movement even in areas that are inaccessible, behind closed doors under floors and above ceilings.

It detects movement of bodies and also that of solid objects without a heat signature.

Due to the sensitivity of the device and the fact that it can detect motion at distances of 5 meters, to eliminate the potential of false triggers, great care must be taken to ensure the area of use around a 3m perimeter of the device is fully locked off.  Likewise, the device should also be setup at least 3cm away from any conductive items or surfaces.

The device can be used as a detector or a trigger device.

Requires 4 x AA batteries (Not Included)

To see a demonstration of the standard XPOD, please click the play button that appears in the bottom corner of the image gallery.

A movie demonstrating the model with the buzzer toggle switch can also be found embedded below.


The following footage is courtesy of Danny Moss, The Haunted Hunts.  The demo was filmed at Tatton Hall on 14.02.20




Additional information


Standard Model, Plus Sound On/Off Switch

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  1. Kevin Boylan

    Here Is my field test of the new Doppler Radar units from Infraready.
    I took the units out to one of my locations and tested them. Firstly I will speak about the battery compartment.
    Unlike a lot of units these units have plenty of extra wire inside allowing you to remove the battery pack to place the batteries in and return it to the unit with little chance of you accidentally damaging the power wiring.
    Under testing the unit was activated by my movement from over ten feet away, even when it was covered by my coat. The trigger activation sound is loud enough to get your attention but not so loud that it is painful to the ears. Once turned on you have roughly 6 seconds before the detection field activates.
    The built in activation light is more than bright enough to get your attention when activated and will remain active for a couple of seconds each time the Doppler Unit is activated.
    The unit is not overly large
    ((roughly 5 inches in length and 4 inches in width)).
    As a result of that the units will travel very well due to them being light and compact by design.
    They also have the advantage of assisting you in detecting human interference during investigations as anybody breaking the field will activate the alarm. As for the best results for these unites they should be used in enclosed areas due to their high rate of sensitivity.
    I am looking forward to using these units in my upcoming investigations.
    Andy Bailey

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  2. James S. (verified owner)

    Brilliant bit of kit

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