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Hot and Cold Spot Detector – Ghost Hunting Temperature Gun

Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun which is easy to use:

Just aim the device and pull the trigger to take a contact free temperature reading in a choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit from the large backlit LCD display.

The Device also has a built in Laser dot pointer to help aim the device with accuracy. This can be turned off if required.

Wide Temperature Band to capture the Hottest and Coldest activity spots.


Key Features:

Hot and Cold Spot Detector Ideal for Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting.  The Thermometer can be used to verify hot and cold spots in an instance.

Great for testing ground hot spots near of suspected UFO landing sites

Large & Clear Backlit LCD Display

Laser Dot Pointer for aiming accuracy

Displays Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Requires a 9v Battery (PP3 – not supplied)


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