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Paranormal Rempod detector
Ghost Hunting Rempod detector
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REM-POD Paranormal Proximity Detector




REM-POD Paranormal Proximity Detector

REM-POD Paranormal Proximity Detector with Audible and Visual Alerts

The REM-POD Radiates an invisible Electro-Magnetic field covering 360 degrees around the device via the extendable antenna.
The field strength from the REM is disturbed and fluctuates when conductive objects move towards it. If the device triggers in the absence of a physical body or object, this suggests the potential presence of paranormal activity.

The REM-POD Paranormal Proximity Detector alerts the user by flashing an oversized bright LED located on top of the device for 360 degree visibility. It also sounds are loud audible tone.

The devices can be used simultaneously to gain greater accuracy of triggers and alerts, adding credibility to the evidence you record during Paranormal Investigations. It can be used to lockdown rooms or a trigger device. For the more adventurous, a popular technique is to communicating with spirits asking them to interact with the device and make it trigger.

A 9V battery is required to power the device that clips neatly to the rear of the unit.

The REM is ideal for serious / advanced paranormal investigators and due to its overall simplicity also for everyday ghost hunters.
Can be used a a trigger device to respond to calling or séance or solely as a visual audible indicator.