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Energy Stick Trigger Object

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Energy Stick Trigger Object

Energy Stick Trigger Object – A great experimental device that lights up and emits a sound when both ends of the stick are touched.

If using the stick alone, it can be held out and offered to spirits to touch.  Call out and ask for the connection to be made, to light up the lights.

As a group, hands can be linked in a circle.  The circle of hands can then be split as one person reaches out to hold the stick.  The stick should then be tested by reconnecting the circle of hands, it will then light up and emit and eerie sound.  At this point the circle can then be broken and the individuals making up the circle can then call out and ask questions that may provoke interaction.

To aid social distancing, you can experiment further and rather than individuals physically holding hands, the space between users can be made up by conductive materials such as metal table tops or even shorts spans of water.

** With reference to the image in the gallery, please note the manufacturer suggests the device is sealed and batteries cannot be changed once exhausted.  With a little patience, care and skill we have found the end can be popped off and the batteries replaced.

The LEDs and sound may vary, a few examples can be seen below.



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  1. Anders Engberg (verified owner)

    Funny little triggerobjekt

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