Portable Ghost Hunting IR Illuminator




Portable Ghost Hunting IR Illuminator

Portable Ghost Hunting Ir Illuminator
High Powered Floodlight Infrared Night Vision Illuminator
Built-In Light Detector – Switches Unit Into Power Save When In Areas With Sufficient Light

Brand New Floodlight Illuminator Light Ir Infrared Night Vision
These Are Professionally Manufactured Illuminators That Have Several Advantages Over The DIY Illuminators Often Listed Elsewhere For Sale On The Internet And Ebay.

The Portable Ghost Hunting IR Illuminator Has A Weatherproof Enclosure Prevents Dust And Moisture Ingress, Extending Power Consumption And The Life Of The Device.
The Beam Is Concentrated Specifically To Suit Night Vision Recorders.
The Adjustable Bracket Allows The Beam To Be Adjusted, Unlike The Rigid Mounts Of Black Box Style Illuminators.
Battery And Mains Can Be Used To Safely Power The Unit.
Power Consumption Is Reduced As The Illuminator Switches Itself Into Power Save Mode If Sufficient Light Is Available.
Voltage Regulation To Ensure Constant Light Is Emitted Without Flicker Or Drop Out. This Will Also Extend The LED Lifetime As The Voltage Is Rectified To Maximise LED Lifespan.


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