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Infraready have been fortunate to have worked closely with Mark and Simon of Paranormal-X, building a strong relationship throughout 2016 an on.

Mark has a very successful YouTube channel here, please subscribe:

The YouTube channel features over 300 videos to date and with over 1.5 million viewers every year, Mark is keen to show the world real investigations, real evidence and real methods to show that there truly is something else after this life. Paranormal-X also pride themselves on many debunk videos too where alleged claims of hauntings simply do not stand up to our rigorous methods of work and we find zero evidence of paranormal activity in these said locations.


To read more and see a demonstration of how Mark performs his Mediumship, please click below.


As a full time registered psychic medium clairvoyant in the UK, Mark is proud to announce the 2018 ”Believe” tour, where he will be touring the UK giving demonstrations of mediumship and psychic readings and the tour so far this year has been incredible with many venues selling out in days!







It is also worth mentioning that Mark has numerous magazine features coming up throughout the year too, with some of the UKs most loved spiritual magazines such as Chat Its Fate and Take A Break Fate & Fortune.


Visit the Marks Mediumship and Paranormal-X website on the link below



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