Mark Smith Psychic Medium – Believe Tour 2018

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Join Mark Smith psychic medium on his 2018 “Believe” tour around the UK.



Mark needs no introduction and is a pioneer for spiritualism and mediumship. Having appeared across the UK giving demonstrations of mediumship via psychic and clairvoyant ability he has given thousands upon thousands of private readings, group readings and sold out many of his bigger venues to the masses.


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Mark is also star of British ITV series “Gryffs Great Britain”, has appeared in countless spiritual magazines such as Chat Its Fate and Take A Break Fate & Fortune to name a few. Not to mention his very own ever growing YouTube channel Paranormal-X, with almost 3 million views to date, he has helped prove to the world that there truly is something else after this life.


Dates and times for all venues are in the comments box below and new venues are being added regularly, so please check back for updates and venues near you. All tickets can be purchased for any event by calling 07954123240 and quoting the relevant venue and date.


We look forward to seeing many old faces and new throughout the tour, as Mark continues to bring the two worlds closer.

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