#Paraunity At The Village Mansfield With Infraready, Lee Roberts and Ryan Griffiths of The Hauntings, Ash Buckenham, Mark Williams and Kate Ray of The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, Miki York, Andy Bavington of TeamSpiritz, Cee n Dee, Fox Trot Oscar, Kelly J Ellis and Ness, The Hauntings, Ross and Team From Wednesbury Paranormal And A Host Of Amazing Guests. An not forgetting Spooks and Crooks who was recording their latest Podcast.

Lee Roberts The Village

So how could I let the #Paraunity opportunity pass? Ash Buckenham had arranged a ~Paraunity events at the Village, Mansfield. A Haunted Location managed by the One and Only Mr Lee Roberts. (Top Bloke!)

Unfortunately I was not in a position to attend the #Paraunity event and as such had to decline the invite. Having work closely with Mark Williams, one of the GPS team members for many months developing equipment for upcoming events and TV for his fellow team members Barri Ghai, he convinced me that I should turn up as a suprise which I clearly did!

Ryan was the first to recognise my face, closely followed by Lee. the Penny then dropped with Ash, he was very grateful of my attendance to
#Paraunity .

The Village is an excellent place, even better with so many great paranormal enthustiasts under the one roof. The group split into three, all grpus rotated through three zones. i had the pleasure of having free reign and spent time with all of the teams and #Paraunity guests. Several of the newbies were closely protected by Kate as they seemed to be targetted by what was out there.

Before the #Paraunity event got in to full swing, I was interviewed by Spooks and Crooks. They was very suprised when I responded to their first question asking me whether I had seen a ghost. i explained that I was a skeptic, they found that quite amusing due to the fact that I own Infraready and build and sell ghost hunting equipment and paranormal kit.

I explained that when I started Infraready, converting digital cameras for photography was the sole purpose of my business, Infra Red cameras Ready To Shoot Photos, Infraready was born!

After being contacted by many Paranormal Enthusiasts since 2010 my services providing similar cameras that allowed full spectrum nightvison capable recordings became very popular and the transition rapidly moved Infraready from being a Camera Store to A Full Blown Ghost Hunting Equipment Specialist who gets frequent invites to events such as

I explained to Spooks and Crooks that without such close contacts within the paranormal Circles, the credibility of my business as a skeptic would be questionable but in a sense it works extremely well. Experts such as Lee, Ash, Ryan, Miki have all inspired me to develop and build new equipment which has helped me to evolve Infraready and has allowed them to explore new areas during investigations.

So its a win-win situation, true #Paraunity . The paranormal experts receive the latest quality ghost hunting equipment built to spec which is fully tested out in the filed before it goes on sale to the general public. So before I take money out of the hands of my customers, all equipment has been throughly tested and is fit for purpose. So as a skeptic I have on tap supply of expert resource out within the field that road test all of Infrareadys ghost hunting equipment, advise improvements and provide true and accurate descriptions for the equipment thats up for sale.

Now thats what you called #Paraunity

So thats enough about me and Infraready, or at least for now. I’ll tell you a bit more about some of the Lead Investigators.

Andy Bavington Founder Of Team Spiritz


I am Spirit Sensitive been doing paranormal Investigations for 12 years now (with a 3 year break when I had Cancer)

Team Spiritz been running for 10 years and only work on an independent basis and dont do event, but me personally are happy to tag along and guest on other Teams events,I am sceptical on Paranormal Equipment but am more than happy to work alongside it for any sort of intelligent response from any residing spirit, 

As a team we work more on the spiritual side with traditional methods, such as Glass divination, Pendulm work, and trigger objects with very little use of Paranormal Technology,

It was an honour to be asked by Ashley to join the Paraunity team and work alongside everyone and doing my own section with the energy Circle, which brought forward some very strong energy and affected a few people within the circle, and I will look forward to more Paraunity Events in the Future as it’s a great way to put ideas forward to each other and work as one.

Haunted Live Host Some Amazing Ghost Hunts Around The UK, One Location Which They Frequent Is Bosworth Hall.

The Group members are Jason, Simon, Andy And Paul, While I have written an article for the Haunted Magazine, I have never had the opportunity to meet the team until late.

The https://www.haunteddigitalmagazine.com/

I have supplied Paul with Equipment on past occasions to test out in the field for the live stream sessions. I was delighted when Paul contacted me again earlier in 2019 regarding an opportunity to test out more ghost hunting equipment built by Infraready and a request to build an new illuminator for use during their livestreams.

I was kindly invited along to Bosworth Hall to join the team, I must say it was a tota delight, a really great bunch who know their stuff (and lay on a wicked buffet before the night started).

Infraready presented their lastest spirit portal with reverb and DSP sound effects including reverse and spee control sampling for the team to put to the test, the results were very pleasing.

While at the event I also had the privelage to meet Vicky, Author of the Dead Central Paranormal Blog, check out the link

Finally, I also met Neil Packer, Founder of the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre. Neil is an absolute star, a pleasure to talk to, you can find out more about the centre on his facebook page

You Can Catch the Guys On Nick Groffs VidiSpace here

Paul explained the concept of Haunted Live…

“We visit haunted locations and ghost hunt for two hours, the difference being is that we do it LIVE on Facebook, no script, no ad breaks, just completley raw, live and unedited PLUS the viewer can interact and tell us what they’ve seen, they’ve heard and be our extra eyes and ears. #DontBeNormal BE PARANORMAL!!We also run ghost events… they’re very good, even though we do say so ourselves”

So a great night had by all, with some great results from our equioment.

Check out https://infraready.co.uk/ to see our full range of ghost hunting equipment, v1 and v2 sls camera stickman tablets and spirit portals with reverb.

Tom Buckmaster is well known for his work in the extremely popular online TV series Haunted Finders and is also a Professional Tarot Reader.

Tom Buckmaster Ghost Hunting

Toms Facebook profile can be found below.


Tom and The Haunted Finders Team Will Be Using An SLS Camera Built By Infraready In Their Upcoming Series At Various Locations Around The UK During the Summer Of 2019.

Our Wide Range Of V1 and V2 Kinext SLS Stickman Cameras Have Been A Massive Hit With Investigators Around The Globe Along With Our Spirit Portals And Extensive Range Of Proven Ghost Hunting Equipment.

Our Paranormal Tools And Ghost Hunting Equioment kits Can Be Found On Our Website At Infraready.co.uk

Haunted Finders SLS Camera

Andy From Infraready Ghost Hunting equipment Meeting the Haunted Finders Filming On Location At Moira Furnace.