The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society…… Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment were delighted to provide
with one our custom built devices. 

Since 2006 The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society has investigated thousands of allegedly haunted properties across the United Kingdom and uncovered real evidence of the paranormal.

Mark Williams sent a request asking if we could build a REM with temperature display.  Within an hour we had built a prototype for testing which can be seen being held by Barri Ghai and Ash Buckenham.  

If you’re a fan of Ghost Hunting Programs in the UK, you may well recognise Barri and Ash. 

Ash has starred as one of the lead investigators and tech wizard on channel MY5 Celebrity Ghost Hunt alongside Rylan and as the name suggests a host of other Celebs from the UK.

Ash Buckenham

Barri Ghai founded the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society in early 2006 with the intention of helping more people understand and find answers to the paranormal by attempting to gather tangible evidence.

Barri Ghai is currently presenting a brand new TV show on Really Channel called Help! My House is Haunted. The 12 episode show airs on Friday nights at 10pm ad stars world renowned psychic medium Chris Fleming, and French paranormal investigator Sandy Lakdar. The series has been produced by the creator and Executive Producer of Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans. All previous episodes can be seen on catch up via the UKTV Play App. 

Barri Ghai

Infraready are hoping to build a strong bond with the GPS team, partnering with them to trial our prototypes out in the field before they are offered for sale on our website.  Watch this space throughout 2019 and be sure to follow the GPS team, Barri and Ash on their adventures throughout the year ahead.

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Images courtesy of A Richards (Dark Vale Investigators) shot using a G5 Lumix Converted to FULL SPECTRUM by Infraready.

When paired with our IR flood Illuminators OR dedicated invisible IR flood flash guns, excellent results can be yielded. Ideal for Paranormal research, ghost hunting or Ecological Surveys and even taking pictures of nocturnal wildlife such as bats or badgers.

Our equipment has been full tested in the field and we have many happy customers around the globe.

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The difference between V1 and V2 Kinect Sensors

This post explains the difference between the V1 and V2 Kinect Sensors.  We use the full depth cameras from these devices to build our Structured Light Sensor SLS Cameras for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation.






Credit: Matthew Szymczyk for the images and detail extracted from the original article below;

The full article by Matthew can be found by clicking this link

Credit Entering The Unknown Paranormal.  Copyright and all rights reserved Spooky Spirits Productions.

Marbury Country Park is situated at Anderton in Cheshire, It’s best known for the spirit of the Marbury Lady who was said to have died on the steps near the lake, but she was murdered by her husband and she died on the steps of the stairs inside the mansion, after her husband had found out she was having an affair with the stable hand, the night of this investigation was quite eerie there was no wind no movement from any trees the wildlife was quiet and not even an Owl hooted, there was no sound what so ever, Jacqui my partner who is our spiritualist medium picked up a tall figure (she called him the shadowman) he stood over 6feet at one point he stood behind her, as the Kinect was mapping it picked up Jacqui and then picked up the 2nd stick figure at an angle hanging onto the tree and it showed it was quite tall, Andy we couldn’t pick up the 2nd screen on camcorder but the colour of the tree was dark blue where the 2nd tree in the picture was grey, once the stick figure of the spirit had gone we looked at the smaller screen on the right on the tablet to see the tree the spirit had been in returned to the same colour as the other tree in the picture grey. you can here us chatting about what was happening in the video.