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Paranormal for Norfolk is a very small, and relatively new, paranormal investigation/ research group based in North Norfolk.

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At present we are made up of myself and my husband, who is my go to tech guy! I have a back ground in working with children, some with behavioural and mental health difficulties, and my husband is a self employed lorry driver, entertainer and gardener.

I set up the group in May 2016, after becoming disillusioned with events. I felt frustrated as I wanted to investigate the paranormal seriously, and although the events were enjoyable, they weren’t the right environment for serious research. My life long obsession with all things fortean needed an outlet! So, with my husbands support, I started Paranormal for Norfolk.

The main focus of the group so far has been researching the area we live in, finding out about the local stories and locations. There are some amazing places that you can investigate around North Norfolk. Baconsthorpe Castle is not far from where we live, so is a go to location.

One of the most interesting locations we have investigated was an antique shop in Norwich. I can’t say anymore than that due to confidentiality, but it was a privilege to be allowed in there.

Although we are Norfolk based, we are happy to travel.

We use various pieces of equipment ( and are always looking to expend our kit!) including infrared cameras, night vision camcorders and thermal imaging cameras, alongside digital voice recorders and EMF meters. We try to keep it as scientific as possible, but I do believe that our senses are as important, if not more so, than our equipment.

As for the future, we will be working hard to earn a good reputation in the field of paranormal research and investigation. It is of utmost importance that people are able to trust us, especially if it is a private case where people are worried for their home and family, so confidentiality, resepect and professionalism is at the forefront of our practice. We are non-judgemental, open minded and honest.

We are at present looking for new locations to investigate, and are considering the possibility of being able to take small groups out so they can have first hand experience of investigating. And of course, we are here for private investigations should anyone be concerned about possible paranormal events in their home/ place of work.

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