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360 PIR Motion Detector Pod


Ghost Hunting Movement Detector



360 PIR Motion Detector Pod

360 PIR Motion Detector Pod With Visual LED and Audible Alert.

Combines 4 PIR detectors offering full 360 degree detection of movement.

The Pod is simple to use and setup.  Install a 9v battery (not included) and power on the device by pressing the button on the underside.

Place the pod on a firm surface and step back several meters as not to false trigger the device.

The Pod then continues to scan for movement and will trigger a single or multiple LEDs to indicate where movement has been sensed.

A loud audible tone also alerts the user to triggers if they are not located in the viewing distance.

When triggered the audible tone and visual LEDs will enter alert state for approx 10 seconds before resetting to the sensing state.

Click the play button in the bottom corner of the image gallery to see a short demo of the device.  The demo also shows the higher spec model that also includes a REM -POD proximity detector, also available on our store.

Designed for use in the dark, this detector helps seek the presence and motion of spirits and paranormal entities coming into proximity of the device.  Ideal for use in Locked Off Areas, For Call And Response Experiments, Or Simply As A Trigger Device.

A Compact And Effective Motion Sensor For Ghost Hunting And Paranormal Research.  Ideal For Ghost Hunts and Group Investigations.

PIR Motion Sensor Specifically Designed For Use In The Dark.

4 x 120 Degrees (offers full 360 coverage with overlap between PIRs)

1.5 Meters +

Long Battery Life – Requires 1 X 9v Battery

4 x Bright Multi-coloured LED visual Alert

On / Off Switch

To Increase The Credibility Of Evidence Gained From Using The Ghost Hunting Motion Sensor, We Recommend Using it In Conjunction With Our Range Of Other Paranormal and Spiritual EMF, Static and REM-POD Detectors, A Wide Range Of Which We Also Stock.



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