Spirit Voice EVP Mic




Spirit Voice EVP Mic

Spirit Voice Receiver EVP Mic

Spirit Voice Receiver, Electro Magnetic Microphone For Capturing EVP
Easy To Operate – Just Connect To Your EVP Recorder Via The 3.5mm Jack

This Device Incorporates A Copper Coil Wrapped Around A Magnetic Pole.

The Spirit Voice Receiver EVP Mic Is Capable Of Picking Up Electro-Magnetic Energy Fields Commonly Associated With Paranormal Activity That Is Traditionally Monitored Visually Using A Meter Such As One Of Our Genuine KII Devices.

Electro Magnetic Fields Have Been Associated With Paranormal Activity And As Such Form A Strong Conduit For Yielding Firm Evidence For Your Investigations.

Simply Plug The Device Into The Mic Input Of Your EVP Recorder And Start Recording.

If There Is A High EMF Present The Device Will Harness These Fields And Relay Them To The EVP Recorder Into Sounds That You Can Hear.
More Accurate Results Are Gained When Used In Conjunction With A KII Meter And In Isolation From Strong Magnetic Fields That May Be Given Off By Mobile Phones
And Other Electronic / Electrical Items Particularly Those Having Unclean Power Sources Such As Transformers.

The Spirit Voice Receiver EVP Mic Is An Experimental Devices And There Are No Guarantees Of Success Implied.


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