1000nm UFO / Faux X-Ray Filter




1000nm X-Ray Filter

1000nm X-Ray Filter for UFOlogy and Sky Watching.

DISCLAIMER: This Filter Is Intended To Be Paired With A Modified Camcorder, It Should Not Be USed To View The Sun Directly With The Naked Eye.

This filter has been proven to see through certain types light material / clothing / beachwear when fitted to devices that have been converted to full spectrum.  While many articles, youtube movies and images can be found on the Internet showing this, it is not our intention to supply it for this purpose.  This effect was available on the early Sony Nightshot cameras but was removed after receiving negative press.

This filter can be used in conjunction with full spectrum cameras and camcorders.  Your device must offer CWB (Custom White Balance) settings in order to take full advantage of this feature.  It will still work if you device does not have CWB, but rather than yield monochrome images / movie footage, they results will have a deep purple hue.

The filter works by absorbing visible coloured light 9400-700nm) along with near IR 700-1000nm) allowing only wavelengths above 1000nm to pass to your devices sensor.

We recommend using these filters during bright daylight for the following;


Isolating visible light from your device allows skywatching during the daytime.

Ideal for picking out IR cloaked devices / vapour trails.


Ghost Hunting in broad daylight!!!  Isolating daylight from your camera or camcorder is a handy feature.

A lot of spiritual energy is active in the part of the electro-magnetic spectrum this filter focuses on.

When using unfiltered full spectrum camera or camcorders during the daytime, seeking anomalies is hindered as the bright daylight bleaches out activity.  Fitting this filter in place blocks that light, allowing you to capture an electronic representation of the Infrared world that is usually unseen to the human eye.


If you practice IR photography yo will know the powers of this filter.  Ideal for use in bright daylight, particularly suited to low latitudes.  Some of our favourite deep contrast, IR saturated images have been taken using this filter.


Not all Cameras / Camcorders have filter threads, in such cases we may be able to modify your camcorder to allow filters to be used.  Please note that adaptors are readily the Ultra Zoom cameras such as the Canon SX60 that accommodate 67mm filters.  These adaptors can be purchased from our website if required.

Please select the correct sized filter from the drop down selection to match the filter thread of your device.

Additional information


34mm, 37mm, 49mm, 52mm, 62mm, 72mm, Custom


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