Tom Buckmaster Haunted Finders With Infraready SLS Camera


Tom Buckmaster Ghost

Tom Buckmaster is well known for his work in the extremely popular online TV series Haunted Finders and is also a Professional Tarot Reader.

Tom Buckmaster Ghost Hunting

Toms Facebook profile can be found below.

Tom and The Haunted Finders Team Will Be Using An SLS Camera Built By Infraready In Their Upcoming Series At Various Locations Around The UK During the Summer Of 2019.

Our Wide Range Of V1 and V2 Kinext SLS Stickman Cameras Have Been A Massive Hit With Investigators Around The Globe Along With Our Spirit Portals And Extensive Range Of Proven Ghost Hunting Equipment.

Our Paranormal Tools And Ghost Hunting Equioment kits Can Be Found On Our Website At

Haunted Finders SLS Camera

Andy From Infraready Ghost Hunting equipment Meeting the Haunted Finders Filming On Location At Moira Furnace.

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  • Andrina brown

    HAUNTED FINDERS are the best ghost hunters Britain has, I’ve followed then from the start and it was tom that inspires me to get into the paranormal, I often ask for his advice and trust him as a investigator and on his advice I’ll certainty be getting my equipment here now as I’ve got a few thiings psb7 a k2 a little recorder and temp gun also a laser grid pen but want to advance yo a camcorder and a kinect camera so thanks guys!


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