Haunted Live at Bosworth Hall

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Haunted Live Host Some Amazing Ghost Hunts Around The UK, One Location Which They Frequent Is Bosworth Hall.

The Group members are Jason, Simon, Andy And Paul, While I have written an article for the Haunted Magazine, I have never had the opportunity to meet the team until late.

The https://www.haunteddigitalmagazine.com/

I have supplied Paul with Equipment on past occasions to test out in the field for the live stream sessions. I was delighted when Paul contacted me again earlier in 2019 regarding an opportunity to test out more ghost hunting equipment built by Infraready and a request to build an new illuminator for use during their livestreams.

I was kindly invited along to Bosworth Hall to join the team, I must say it was a tota delight, a really great bunch who know their stuff (and lay on a wicked buffet before the night started).

Infraready presented their lastest spirit portal with reverb and DSP sound effects including reverse and spee control sampling for the team to put to the test, the results were very pleasing.

While at the event I also had the privelage to meet Vicky, Author of the Dead Central Paranormal Blog, check out the link

Finally, I also met Neil Packer, Founder of the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre. Neil is an absolute star, a pleasure to talk to, you can find out more about the centre on his facebook page

You Can Catch the Guys On Nick Groffs VidiSpace here

Paul explained the concept of Haunted Live…

“We visit haunted locations and ghost hunt for two hours, the difference being is that we do it LIVE on Facebook, no script, no ad breaks, just completley raw, live and unedited PLUS the viewer can interact and tell us what they’ve seen, they’ve heard and be our extra eyes and ears. #DontBeNormal BE PARANORMAL!!We also run ghost events… they’re very good, even though we do say so ourselves”

So a great night had by all, with some great results from our equioment.

Check out https://infraready.co.uk/ to see our full range of ghost hunting equipment, v1 and v2 sls camera stickman tablets and spirit portals with reverb.

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