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Haunted Doll
Haunted Doll EMF REM Pod
Haunted Doll EMF REM Pod ghost hunting
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ghost hunting trigger doll
Haunted Doll EMF REM

Haunted Doll REM and EMF Trigger Doll

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Haunted Trigger Doll (REM + KII EMF)

Haunted Doll REM and EMF Trigger Doll

Disclaimer: While this item has the appearance of a toy, it should not be used by children. 

This it must be kept out of the reach of Babies and Children as it contains electronic circuitry and small parts that may pose a choking hazard or other harm.

The Dolls head, arms and legs are also made from china ceramic so care must be taken as with any delicitae electronic device while being transported. 

All of our haunted dolls in this range are unique in appearance (One Of A Kind – OOAK).

Should you be interested in purchasing one of these dolls, we hold a small selection for immediate sale.

Images of current stock can be emailed over to customers upon request.

If you have a request for a specific look / appearance of doll then please contact us prior to purchase and we will customise one to your liking. Please note that Customisation if subject to a 2 week lead time.

So more about the Dolls……

The Haunted Doll REM and EMF Trigger Doll contains a REM Proximity Sensing Pod and Genuine KII EMF Circuitry

The REM radiate a field around the doll, which if broken will sound an audible alert and illuminate the LEDs loacted in the dolls eyes.

The KII EMF Meter Operates Exactly How You Would Expect It To With The Range Of LEDs Deflecting From Left To Right As The Presence Of EMF Increases.

The REM and EMF Circuits Operate Simutaneosuly, So When Proximity Is Sensed, The EMF Meter Also Deflects.

The Haunted Doll REM and EMF Trigger Doll can be used to gain supporting evidence for paranormal investigations as when triggered they suggest the likelihood of Paranormal presence is greater.

The device can be used during investigations as a trigger when activity is provoked  by the User, Medium or Séance. Calling techniques can be used to ask present spirits to activate / deactivate the sounder and LEDs.

The Haunted Doll REM and EMF Trigger Doll is easy to operate.  A 9v battery holder sits neatly in position inside the Dolls Bloomers.  As shown in the YouTube product demo above, the Doll can be powered on and off by pressing the power button.

A stand is provided with the Doll, we suggest it is used in the standing position as this ensures the circuitry inside the Doll is not disturbed.



You can see some of the Doll we have built below..





The following images taken at Wales oldest inn, the Skirrid Inn were kindly provided by Danny Lane….

skirrid inn paranormal haunted dollskirrid inn wales ghost hunt portal



3 reviews for Haunted Doll REM and EMF Trigger Doll

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  1. Aoife (verified owner)

    Fantastic piece of equipment.

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  2. Aoife (verified owner)

    Brilliant piece of equipment

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  3. Tignyx

    She is an amazing device. Does a great job of picking up both REM and K2. She is also an absolute hit with people (we do private but also public investigations for a non-profit). Everyone loves seeing her sitting there until she lights up and then people are ready to run. She is an amazing trigger object though and has great craftmanship.

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