The Best EVP Recorder 1536Kbps 8GB AV Meter




The Best EVP Recorder ?

Best EVP Recorder ? Possibly one of the best EVP recorders available.

Solid Construction and Hi Quality Components deliver excellent results.

Built in Rechargeable Battery

Loud Internal Speaker

Complete with ear Buds for personal use and USB charging cable

Hi Quality / Hi Bit Rate Audio Files – 1536Kbps WAV.  Provide credible evidence, not ones that are muffled and open to interpretation

Clear Coloured LCD display with Graphical AV Level meter.

Ghost Hunting EVP Recorder For The Clearest EVP Sessions and Recordings.  Ideal for Ghost Hunting And Paranormal Investigation.  A must for investigators looking to record credible EVP evidence.

If you are looking to buy an EVP recorder and want one that capture clear audio with limited hiss, make sure you check the bit rate first.

Recording at 1536Kbps, this HIGH BIT RATE EVP Recorder will provide far superior quality recordings over standard EVP Recorders.

While the Device can record in MP3 like most standard EVP recorder, it is also capable of recording WAV files at a high bit rate.

Recording in WAV offers several major advantages.

  • No loss in the reproduction of sound
  • More credible recordings providing better evidence
  • Better overall clarity

What is an EVP Recorder Used For?

Electronic voice phenomena, or EVP is a technique used in Paranormal Investigation to record voices and sound from an unknown source. There are several approaches that can be used, the most basic of which is to use an EVP recorder during your investigations.

These recordings can then be played back on the device, or reviewed and studied in greater detail on a desktop computer or laptop using an audio editor such as Audacity (Free download Available).  Using software allows the user to alter the speed and direction of playback, with the aim of finding EVP voices or messages within the audio.

While using the EVP Recorder, try asking questions so that you can review the response that follows during playback.  Holding simple conversations between Investigators is also a good way to stimulate EVP voices.  Leaving the EVP recorder in an empty locked off room is another technique often used within the Paranormal field.

Specialist Microphones such the Rauudive Mic can be used to isolate sounds within the human hearing range from your EVP sessions. yielding only electro magnetic frequencies often suggested where paranormal activity is more present.

While mobile phones and cheap Rrecording devices can be used for EVP Recording, getting the best EVP recorder you can afford with a High Quality Output Is essential for Recording EVPs if you are intendeding to use them for credible evidence.  We have carefully researched and tested all of the EVP Recorders and Accessories that we carry in stock to ensure this is the case.

We Also Stock External Stereo Microphones, Raudive Mics and EVP Portable Speakers That Are Full Compatible With This EVP Recorder.

More Information About The EVP Recorder

Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Ghost Hunting EVPs or UFOlogy.

The EVP is equipped with a 1.5 Inch LCD Screen and built in stereo condenser mic and speaker

The device has a 3.5mm socket for headphones and a second for connecting an external mic.

It offers the ability to amplify sound directly via the headphones as you are recording.

Internal Rechargeable battery, with USB charging lead.  Up to 10Hrs recording time on one charge.


1 Resolution: 1536Kbps

2 Sampling Rate: 20Hz-20KHz

3 Digital Sound Processor – Signal to Noise Ratio: 80db

4 Memory: 8GB – store 12 hours of hi rate recording

5 Battery Capacity: 280mAh

6 Long Working Time: 12 Hours

7 Play time: 8 hours

8 Compact and Rugged Construction 9.2 x 3.5 x 1.2 CM

9 Playback and review features A-B repeat, Fast Forward and Rewind.



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