Nikon P1000 Full Spectrum Converted Camera
P900 vs P1000
Nikon P900 vs P1000
Nikon Coolpix P900 vs P1000
nikon p1000 infrared full spectrum
nikon p1000 infraready full spectrum
nikon p1000 infraready full spectrum ir
Nikon P1000 Astrophotography full spectrum
nikon coolpix p1000 full spectrum

Nikon P1000 Full Spectrum Camera


The camera will be converted by removing and replacing the internal filter to the buyers choice of filter available in the dropdown menu below.

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Nikon P1000 Full Spectrum

The Nikon P1000 has the longest zoom capability in the world.

The Camera can be used with filters to achieve colour or monochrome infrared photos, paired with IR illumination for Ghost Hunting, fitted with our 1KIR and Solar filters for daytime sky watching, or our colour correction filter for using the camera for everyday photography.

Ideal for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation, Private Investigation, Nightvision, UFOlogy, Astrophography and skywatching.

This Camera has been converted by Infraready to Full Spectrum, allowing it to see Ultraviolet, Coloured and Infrared Light.

The flash has also been modified to emit a discreet burst of Infrared Light to minimise disturbance to others.  Please note the P1000 has a bright focus assist LED that illuminates.

We also sell Full Time Infrared Illumination to complement this device that can be used in conjunction with the movie mode to create Night vision footage. Please see our other listings for these.



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