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Night Vision Monocular Recorder

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Night Vision Monocular Recorder

The Night Vision Monocular Recorder is simple to use.  Lightweight and Compact, the Nightfox 81R is a night vision device having a high sensitivity sensor and wide aperture lens helping to intensify your subject when its dark. When viewing the sky starts that arent visible to the naked eye will suddenly appear.

While highly sensitive sesnor of this Monocular means that you wont need to use IR during when its Dawn or Dusk, it offers covert IR illumination at a wavelength of 850nm with 7 levels of brightness to ensure a balanced and well exposed image while aiding you to see clearly up to 150m.

Idel for Ufology, Skywatching, Bushcraft Expeditions and Cryptozoology

The Night Vision Monocular is very simple to use.  Five buttons allow easy access to Power, Zoom, IR illumination, Mode and Menu settings.  The front element is placed centrally to allow both left and right handed users to make adjustments to focus.

A smooth viewing experience is provided avoiding flicker through the devices high frame rate.

The Monocular offers a recording function at a resolution of 640×480, a Micro SD card will be required.

The unit requires 4xAA batteries (not supplied) that sit neatly inside the device offering 2-5 hours of use depending on IR usage.

Complete with Carrying Pouch and Filter For Daytime Use.

In our store you will also find that we stock the following customised accessories for the Nightfox 81R;

  • 1000K IR Daytime Sky Watching Filters for Searching Cloaked Devices

The recordings from the Monocular lack audio so the following text explains what filters are shown in use within the movie clip. The normal coloured footage is taken with the daytime filter supplied with the 81R. The filter is then removed allowing full spectrum capture (The camera seems blinded by the bright daylight at several stages later in the movie). Finally the footage with the Purple Hue is where our 1000KIR daytime sky watching filter has been fitted in place, its like the 81R with sunglasses. The IR filter is great for isolating IR wavelengths, removing the blinding effect of the day, making it easier to search for cloaked devices.

Additional information

Operating Temperature

20°C to 60°C




142 x 50 x 93 mm


250g without batteries




4xAA (not supplied)


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