Jim Crone – Stormzone “Another Rainy Night” video shoot at a disused Assylum.

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Jim Crone, Director of Photography, approached Infraready.co.uk to help look for a portable solution to help shoot several nightvision scenes for Stormzones latest Video ‘Another Rainy Night’.
Please click below to find out how Infraready helped Jim achieve this and to watch the final video…


We recommended that Jim used one of our Panasonic camcorders that had been converted to full spectrum.  This allow Jim to pair the camcorder with IR illumination to achieve some surreal looking shots for Stormzones music video.



The Panasonic TM40 was used, the footage from which was post processed to add the green hue.

Following the video shoot Jim contacted us to share his thoughts….


It worked really well.  The band loved it.  
‘At one point leading up to the shooting of the Stormzone music video I 
thought I would shoot with normal bright light then cheat the ghost 
hunting camera ‘look’ in post production. It became clear that I would 
never get that quintessential night vision glow in the actors eyes. 
There is a special look and feel when using a true infra-red ready 
camera. Andy at infra ready.co.uk is very experienced and super helpful, 
I decided to go with one of his cameras and I am so glad I did. My 
original idea of cheating it would have been a disaster.’


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