Celebrity Ghost Hunt Equipment Support

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Celebrity Ghost Hunt

Being offered the opportunity to suppport such a fantastic show as Celebrity Ghost Hunt was amazing! Rich Merritt (Production Director / Goo Wood Media) and Ashley Buckenham (Presenter / The Ghost Finder Paranormal Society) engaged in conversation over what equipment would be suited to the environments and locations they were set to visit. Its been an adsolute pleasure to support the guys over at GooWOo and The Celebrity Ghost Hunt Team. Our Range of Equipment at Infraready will be accessible to the team, we have now supported 3 series of the show. You can ctach the Show on My5 over in the UK, or on the My5 website if you are from another country.   Celebrity Ghost Hunt Equipment   https://www.infraready.co.uk/home/blog/infrareadys-kinect-sls-tablet-demo-at-30-east-drive-by-spookspys/  

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