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soul reaper paranormal

Soul Reaper Paranormal are an experienced group of friends, investigators and paranormal researchers that love to operate at a professional level but also love to be themselves.  Soul Reaper believe this is one of the most important factors of their team.

Infraready and Soul Reaper Paranormal Have an Established Relationship, Supporting One Another In The paranormal Community.

Paranormal Investigators Mark Gallagher & Kyle Thompson, the founder of Soul Reaper Paranormal have come face to face with the unexplainable.

We would like everyone to know that we are not a business operation or an events company. Everything that we do is self-funded by our paranormal team and we only aim to get even better at the subjects in which we study.

Soul Reaper Paranormal are not your average investigation team. We have invested hours and hours of our own time and money into pushing our team further in this field.

Soul Reaper Paranormal are a very well respected and professional team. Our credibility is extremely important to us and this goes to show in the work that we showcase to the public via various media sources.

Every member of Soul Reaper Paranormal have experienced something that we can only class as being paranormal. This includes coming face to face with Spirits and Ghosts, hearing voices which shouldn’t be there and even been touched by things that we can not see.  It is these experiences which help drive this team in our pursuit to bring the truth about the afterlife to the general public.

Even though the afterlife has not been proven, we are certain that it exists. There is a saying in which we use and that is ”Death is not the end, it’s just the beginning.”

Soul Reaper Paranormal are a highly experienced group of individuals based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
We operate in some of the most supernatural places throughout England including the Ancient Ram Inn and 30 East Drive.
Our team investigate the alleged claims of paranormalactivity within haunted homes, businesses and other locations.We regularly appear in major newspapers, social media sites, radio interviews and other outlets around the world.

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