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Shadow Detector


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Shadow Detector

Shadow Detector for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation.

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What is the Shadow Detector for?

Once setup, this device will alert the user is a shadow is cast over the sensor.  If paired with a laser, the sensor can be used over very long distances as a tripwire or proximity fence.

What else will I need?

You will need  a source of light such as a torch, lamp or laser pointer.  

In addition to white light, coloured, UV or IR are also suitable.

How to use the Shadow Detector

For short distances, set the device on a flat surface and aim the beam of a torch at the sensor eye on the front of the device.

Turn the device on, if it alerts then the source of light should be moved closer.  If a longer distance is desired, then the use of a laser is necessary. Our laser pointer and tripod is the perfect solution.

Once set, the device can be left in position.  It will then alert the user if the beam from the light source is interrupted and a shadow is cast upon the face of the device.

Alternative Use

The device also doubles up as a trigger device.  Set up the device as above, then call out and ask spirits to interact with the device and change its state.


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