spiritual energy nev camera oldfield filter
spiritual energy nev camera oldfield filter
spiritual energy nev camera oldfield filter

NEV New Energy Vision Camera (Colour)





NEV New energy Vision Camera (Colour)

The Images Showing The Framed Photographs Were Taken By This Model Of Camera, Indoors, During The Hours Of Daylight.
Please Read The Information Before Buying. We Sell Several Version Of This Camera, Please Ensure You Choose The Correct One.

What Is A NEV Camera????
First Of All, This Device Should Not Be Confused For A Thermal Imaging Camera.
In The 1980’s Harry Oldfield Pioneered Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP)
PIP Was A Complex Process And Required The Subject Is Placed Against A White Background And Illuminated With Full Spectrum Lighting. Computer Software (Still Available Online Today) Was Then Used To See Energy Fields And Series Of Patterns Using A Colour Monitor. Each Colour Has A Different Frequency And In This System Represent Different Conditions. Pip Images Allow The User To Energetically Assess The Energy Field Of A Person, Including Blocks And Leakage.
The Body Has Various Energy Fields (Both Physical And Non Physical) That Vibrate At Different Levels, Spiritual Beings Are Said To Have The Same. Imbalances In Energy Patterns Can Be Read To See What Has Happened To Humans Or Spirits During Their Lifetimes, Some Being Subject To Stress, Anxiety, Accidents And Illness. This Is A Safe Process To Use.
Although PIP Wasn’t Strictly Dated, It Well Proven Techniques Were In Of An Update So In 2012 Oldfield Created The ‘Nev Camera’ That Runs On An Android Platform Loaded Onto A Samsung Galaxy Cam With 20 Filter Modes.
Infraready Have Now Created Our Own Version Of The Nev. It Much Simpler, Only Has The 1 Filter Setting, But Offers A Fully Portable And Cheaper Solution Of Trying Out Energy Field Research.

What Is Included????
An Modified Action Camera With Battery And Waterproof Housing
A USB Charging Lead
A Mini Tripod

What Is Needed????
A Micro SD Card, Nothing Else, But The Following May Help….
Spare Time To Research, Reading About Pip And NEV Online

Will This Camera Work In The Dark????
No! NEV Cameras Rely On Full Spectrum Lighting (White Light, Daylight And Non Led Bulbs)



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