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Laser Vortex Spirit Tunnel (USB)

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Laser Vortex Spirit Tunnel (USB)

Laser Vortex Spirit Tunnel – Experimental Device Currently In Field Tests Including The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, Project Reveal, Paranormal Hauntings, The Hauntings, Team Spiritz and the HARPC (Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre)

Images compliments of Lee Steer, Founder Of Project Reveal – Ghosts of Britain.  Taken On Location At 30 East drive Pontefract.

A demonstration of the Laser Vortex Spirit Tunnel in use with additional coloured lasers can be viewed by clicking the play button in the image gallery.

This Laser Vortex Spirit Tunnel was designed by Infraready to simulate the NDE Tunnel (Near Death Experience).  After sharing footage to Social Media it created high interest so we built 6 units, all of which were distributed to high profile credible Paranormal Teams within the UK.  Initial feedback and tests have been very positive and various methods to manifest spirits have been tried and tested.

Preparing the area of use is most important, ideally charging the surroundings of the Laser Vortex Spirit Tunnel with high discharge energy such as that from our Hi Intensity Energy Generator, A Tesla Coil or A Negative Ion Generator.  Several minutes of conditioning allows sufficient energy build up prior to running the Laser Vortex.

The Project Reveal Team refer to the device as an Extra Spectrum Spirit Vortex and added UV Black Light in the mix to feed spirit energy further in an attempt to add further substance to manifest within the Spirit Tunnel.

Once powered, the Laser Vortex Spirit Tunnel will rapidly build up speed emitting a low level of energy EMF using the same principle as an EM Pump. The Laser source can the be held towards the base of the Vortex and once smoke / fog is added the Spirit Tunnel will form.

During the experiments carried out by the groups testing the device, a technique of capturing still images was taken many of which included patterns that represented faces or objects that had been called out at the time.

Due to a varied supplied of parts the design may slightly differ from that pictured.  In all cases the Laser Vortex will perform exactly the same.


The following demo by Lee Steer of Ghost Of Britain – Project Reveal shows how to use the device.



What else is required?

A Laser Source (We recommend using <1mw Laser Pens) as they are safer to use.  For experienced / competent users  higher powered lasers can be used to optimise results or several coloured lasers as shown in the product demo movie.

Requires a USB Power Source Such As A Mobile Phone Battery Bank, Laptop or Tablets with Standard USB Socket.

A Source Of Fog / Smoke Is Also Required.  Small Foggers Can Be Purchased Off Ebay For Less Than £20 or A Decent Cloud Chasing Vape Mod Can Be Used As An Alternative.

Disclaimer: While the Laser Source Provided Is Considered To Be Low Power And Stimulate The Bodies Natural Blink Reflex, Care Should Be Taken Not To Look Directly Into The Main Source Beam Of The Laser.  The Vortex May Cause A Strobing Effect as May The Resulting Movies Taken From Certain Angles On Cameras / Camcorders.  For about 3% of people with epilepsy, exposure to flashing lights at certain intensities or to certain visual patterns can trigger seizures. This condition is known as photosensitive epilepsy. Many people are unaware that they are sensitive to flickering lights or to certain kinds of patterns until they have a seizure.  Care Should Be Taken Before Use To Warn Other In The Area Of Use before The Device Is Switched On.




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  1. Matthew Windsor (verified owner)

    Decent bit of kit well made and great effect

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