kii emf meter audio speaker
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fake kii meter how to tell
fake kii meter how to tell
fake kii meter how to tell
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fake kii meter how to tell
fake kii meter how to tell
kii emf meter audio speaker

KII EMF With Audio Output

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KII EMF With Audio Output

Genuine KII, Modified With 3.5mm Audio Output That Can Be Connected To A Speaker Or EVP Recorder By Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment.

Infraready Only Use Kii Meters Supplied By Keith Tupper Of KII Enterprises. He Will Vouch For Infraready And Suggests That Most Kii Meters Listed On eBay Are Actually Fakes. He Supplied The Photos Shown to Help Identify Counterfeit Meters. Is You Meter A Counterfeit?

If The Price Is Too Good To Be True, Then Its Most Probably A Fake Meter. Fake Meters Give False Readings
Readings From Fake Meters Are Incorrect And Can Not Be Used As Scientific Evidence For Ghost Hunting And Paranormal Research.

K2 EMF Detector with 3.5mm Audio Output Jack
Your EVP Recorder, External Speaker, Or Headphones Can Easily Be Connected.
3.5mm Male to Male lead included to connect allow you to connect to most common EVP recorders

9V Battery Included

Modified To Add A 3.5mm Jack Socket That Outputs An Audio Signal That Corresponds With The Strength Of EMF Being Detected As Indicated By The LEDs.
A Black Or Grey Meter Will Be Supplied Depending On Stock.
Take A Look At The Images To See How To Distinguish A Counterfeit Meter. The Tell Tale Difference Are Listed In Detail At The Foot Of This Page.

The K2 Is Often Used As A Means Of Communication With The Paranormal World And The LEDs Can Remain Static, Fall Or Increase In Response To Questions.
Ideal For Detecting Low Frequency Electro Magnetic Fields, Whether It Be For Paranormal Use Or Around The House To See The Invisible World Of Radiation That Is Present.
The K2 EMF Meter Is Potentially The Most Widely Used Tool In Paranormal Research And Ghost Hunting.
It Is Renowned For Its Accuracy And Ease Of Use.
Just Click The Button To Switch It On/Off And Simply Take Reading From The LED’s That Indicate Field Strength From As Low As 1.5 Milligauss (Mg) To Over 20 Mg.

How To Spot A Counterfeit KII Meter;

– The original K-II Meter features a matte finish in black. (the fake is a glossy black)
– The original K-II Meter features a “textured” finish. (the fake is smooth)
– The original K-II Meter indicator label features bright colours and is UV reactive. (the fake is not and uses the old style label) See photo
– The original K-II Meter uses special plastic screws to hold the case halves together. (the fake uses standard thread screws)

– The original K-II Meter uses a molded single piece to hold the LEDs in place. (the fake uses white straws)
– The original K-II Meter includes an EVEREADY battery. (the fake uses a cheap no name brand battery)
– The original K-II Meter circuit board features K-II U.S.A. and Rev. on the bottom. (the fake does not)
– The original K-II Meter has short – 7.5cm – battery wires. (the fake uses 15cm wires)
– The original K-II Meter has apiece of foam on the top half of the case to hold the battery in place. (the fake does not)
– The original K-II Meter has a black on/off switch (the fake uses a white switch)

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  1. Jody R. (verified owner)

    Perfect addition to my ghost hunting arsenal! Works well!

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