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ghost hunting starter kit
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Ghost Hunting Equipment Kit #2




Ghost Hunting Equipment kit with EMF, REM, STATIC Detectors

This Ghost Hunting Kit contains Three Devices, ideal for the beginner or occasional user working on a budget

REM POD – Senses proximity

E-Field Pod – Senses Static Energy Fields

EMF Meter – Detects Electromagnetic Fields


The REM POD emits a field around the antenna which if broken will trigger the audible alert and visual LED indicator.

The devices can be used simultaneously to gain greater accuracy of triggers and alerts, adding credibility to the evidence you record during Paranormal Investigations.

A 9V battery is required to power the device that stows neatly inside the unit.

This device is ideal for serious / advanced paranormal investigators and due to its overall simplicity also for everyday ghost hunters.

Can be used a a trigger device to respond to calling or seance or solely as a visual audible indication of the presence of Electromagnetic (EMF) positive and negative static energy fields.







The E-Field Pod is custom built on a 9v battery pod.  The components are mounted directly to the pod so care should be taken when they are being transported / stored.

We have designed these pods on request of several customers.  They choose to use the pods in groups, placing them around certain trigger objects or in different corners of the room they are investigating.


The LED Indicator will light up in the presence of Static Energy

Requires a 9v Battery (PP3 – not supplied)

The detector can be seen in use below





The EMF Meter is Easy to use.  It has a LCD Display, LED Indicator and Alarm.

Simple operation and highly sensitive.
Can detect the power of electromagnetic radiation within the environment.
Wide range of detectable frequencies.
Data hold function.

Requires a 9v Battery (PP3 – not supplied)