Paranormal Movement Detector Alarm




Paranormal Movement Detector Alarm

Paranormal Movement Detector Alarm Ideal For Locking Off Rooms, Allowing You Freedom To Investigate Other Areas. If Movement Is Detected In Your Absence, A Loud Audible Alarm Will Sound.

The Supplied Remote Control Will Allow The Device To Be Armed and Deactivated With Ease.

This Alarm Can Be Used To Detect Motion In Locked Off Areas, For Call And Response Experiments, Or Simply As A Trigger Device.

Wide Coverage Motion Sensor With Super Sensitive Detection.
110 Degrees Coverage
Audible Alarm When Device Is Triggered

Requires 4 X AA Batteries. Simply Fitted By Removing The Battery Cover
On / Off Via Remote Control Key Fob
Can Be Stood On Flat Surfaces Or Mounted Using The Bracket Supplied



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