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Ghost Hunting Trigger Bear (KII EMF)

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Ghost Hunting Trigger Bear (KII EMF)

Ghost Hunting Trigger Bear (KII EMF)

‘Eddy’ The Ghost Hunting Bear

KII EMF Detecting Trigger with Audio Output

Ghost Hunting Bear with KII EMF Trigger.  With the latest 2020 KII circuitry inside, genuine parts used, no counterfeit KII meters here!!

Disclaimer: While this item has the appearance of a toy, it should not be used by children.  This it must be kept out of the reach of Babies and Children as it contains electronic circuitry and small parts that may pose a choking hazard or other harm.

‘Eddy’ The KII EMF Ghost Hunting Bear With 3.5mm Audio Output.

The Audio output can be used to connect a Speaker, Headphones or to record the Output to an EVP recorder**

KII EMF Bear built using genuine KII circuitry, approved by Keith Tupper, CEO of KII enterprises.

Eddy has Five large LEDS located in her body.  One of these is located in the front of Eddy to indicate when the Bear is switched on.  This LED also indicates the natural presence of the earths electro magnetic field.

Four further Coloured LEDs are located in Eddys arms and Legs.  As you would expect, these LEDs deflect with the increasing presence of electro magnetic activity, often relative to the spiritual activity.

The LEDs rise from Green, through Yellow, Orange and Red.

Eddy the Bear has an hidden on/off switch located on his chest (This is an improve design, the gallery images and product demo movie show the on/off swicth on the rear).  Eddy also has a Velcro enclosure to safely stow

away the 9v battery that is also included.  The battery has a long life but is easy to change when required.   To Install a new battery, simply open the Velcro closure on the back of the bear and clip your new battery in place.  The Velcro can then be sealed to conceal the battery and the On/Off switch can then be used to power the device without having to remove the battery.

We sell two versions of the KII bear.  ‘Eddy’ is the advanced KII EMF bear that has the addition of a 3.5mm jack for audio output.  This adds the benefit of allowing Headphones or Speakers to be attached to the bear and listen to the EMF signal as an audible tone.

**EVP recorders with a ‘MIC Input’ can also be connected to the output using a 3.5mm male to male connecting lead.  We have a wide range of EVP recorders available if required.

‘Izzy’ the standard KII EMF bear can be purchased from our site, the difference being the absence of the audio output and in reflection a lower price.

2 reviews for Ghost Hunting Trigger Bear (KII EMF)

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  1. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Not tried it yet but works ok

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  2. Heather Davidoff (verified owner)

    I purchased this bear a couple of years ago at Christmas. This bear is the best one I have ever bought! I collect them from all over the world. I live in the USA. This review highlights many features of this product that you may not know about. I haven’t been asked to review this item. I just honestly love this Eddy EMF Bear with sound and thought other people should know how incredible it is.

    I purchased this wonderful Eddy bear with sound plug two or three years ago for a holiday gift. The lights on his paws correlate with the intensity of the EMF that spirits wish to convey. The sensitivity of the device within can show the difference in the lights from a whisper, talking and shouting. It is great technology! That is not even the best part.

    The coolest thing about this unique Eddy bear from Infraready is that when a speaker is plugged into the bear, it can make many different sounds from a light tapping, a popping sound, and with practice, can sound like a full drum set. It is really truly remarkable. I have never seen/heard anything like it.

    When I gave this bear as a Christmas gift a few years ago, I told our family’s spirit, “This bear’s name is Eddy. He is your gift from us for Christmas. This Eddy bear can drum when you touch him. Can you try to drum along with this song?” Then, I played the song “The Little Drummer Boy” on and put the Eddy Bear next to a miniature nativity collection that I have on display. Our family member’s spirit was eventually able to play along with the song that I set down by a little statue of the baby Jesus. As the song played, “ Come, they told me parumpa pum pum pum, A newborn King to see parumpa pum pum …” it was so amazing! Our family member’s spirit said to us on a spirit box phone app “Thank!…Eddy!…Beautiful!…Christmas!” Since then, this Eddy bear made by Infraready has become a member of the family!

    Our family spirits can play the drums with this bear remarkably well. (I buy the rechargeable plug-in speakers on Amazon for this bear.) I have no clue how the spirits make the sounds that they do. It sounds like an actual full drum kit only not so loud that it would hurt your ears.

    I have also set a sound-activated Grogu toy from “The Mandalorian” next to the Eddy bear’s speaker and little Grogu sits in his pram, sways his head to the beat of Eddy’s drum and laughs and makes other noises when Eddy plays. It is joyful and wonderful to watch. (I purchased the Grogu sound-activated toy on Amazon too.)

    Also, our family’s spirits make a noise to imitate the sound our microwave with this Eddy bear. He loves to make us laugh. It’s a wonderful imitation. Quite funny. Also, when we watch an action movie he can imitate gun fire and says “defend family!” on the ghost box phone app.

    Finally, I wish that I wrote this review years ago. Sorry for the delay. I hope more of these are made. I am not certain whether they are sold out or discontinued. They make perfect gifts at Christmas or any time for those who love their spirit family members, if they live in a spirit-rich home, encounter shy children spirits on investigations or for use with any good-natured spirit who may not trust interacting with other gadgets on an investigation.

    Anyway, please let me know if you decide to replenish your supply of Eddy Bears. They make lovely gifts. They are built with quality craftsmanship and do not break after daily use for years.,The first bear I purchased was a Sophie REM pod with sound. She has been used every day since then and has never broken and is as strong and powerful as the day she came to us. In total, I have made three bear purchases, they are all enjoyable and durable creations enough to last with every day use. Thank you for all the joy you have brought to our lives with all of your brilliant inventions!!! We are so thankful we discovered your website!

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