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Raudive Germanium Diode EVP Mic

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Raudive Germanium Diode EVP Microphone Broadband RF Mic.

Our latest Raudive Mic is housed in a unique robust 3D printed shell with copper pickup.

Rather than depend on a physical Mic, the Raudive Mic relies on a Germanium Diode which acts as a crystal reciever similar to those used in old AM crystal Radios and HAM radios. As a result, ambient noise will be totally absent from the recordings.

One Microphone will be supplied.  The Product Images that show 2 Mics are to show the embossed lettering around the Mics shell.

This is an experimental diode microphone.that works in the broadband RF.
Simply plugs into your voice recorder via a 3.5 mm plug.
Fits most voice recorders, digital and analogue, that have a 3.5 mm microphone socket.
No batteries required.


Konstantīns Raudive (1909 – 1974) was a Latvian Writer born in Latgale.  He studied abbroa, becoming a student of Carl Jung and later taught at the University of Uppsala in Sweden.  Raudive studied Parapsychology for his entire life with particular focus on the possibility of the afterlife.  Along with Hans bender, a fellow German Parapsychologist, they investigated Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

During his studies, Raudive read ‘Voices from Space’, a book written by Freidrich Jurgenson who he arranged to meet in 1965.  Raudive and Jurgenson made several EVP recordings, their initail efforts failed with only weak scrambled voices being heard.  Raudive continued to study the recordings, in one of which he heard a clear voices and after repeatedly playing the tape he believed he understood them all.

Raudive continued to study these alleged voices dedicating exploring EVP.  He gained the support of several electronics experts and recorded over one hundred thousand session under strict conditions.  Many of the recordings were a sucess, with Raudive and his calleagues apparantly hearing clear voices.

Raudive developed various methods of recording EVP:

  • Microphone voices – making a simple recording with those present remaining silent.  He even claimed that the microphone could also be disconnected.
  • Radio voices –  Recording the white noise from a radion no tuned to a specific radio station.  The Ghost Box was born!
  • Diode voices – Recordings from a a crystal set not tuned to a station.  Here you have it, the Raudive Germanium Diode Mic.

When using our EVP Raudive Diode Microphone Reciever, it is best position as far away from your recorder to avoide interference.

EVP sessions should be conducted as normal, the mic will not pick up ambient noise as it has no physical mic.


As with any EVP, evidence will not always be recorded, but the Raudive Mic makes them easier to isolate and hear. If captured, all that will appear the resulting recordings is a Spike.  Although an EVP may be apparent without editing, such ‘Spikes’ may need to be amplified, played at a slwer or faster rate, or played in reverse.  This can be done using free software such as Audacity, we supply this software in our store for the price of the disc.

Recording audible sessions in Parallel will work particularly well, as the Spikes that appear on the Raudive recording can be overlayed against the recording on ambient noise adding credibility to your overall evidence.


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