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Spirit Shop Touchscreen Ghost Box Sweep Radio ITC


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This Sweep Radio is designed for the experienced paranormal team / investigator.

Unlike most Sweep Radios that rely on receiving snippets of radio broadcasts, this box incorporates an internal faraday cage to isolate broadcasted radio signals.

While it scans the FM radio band between 76-108MHZ, the device has been designed to receive only frequencies within the direct environment present within a 10-15 meter radius of the box.

This intentional design ensures that the usual sound from FM radio stations are not received meaning that any activity that occurs has an increased level of credibility and offers a greater potential of communicating with spirits.








More info….

The GHOST BOX scans FM frequencies between 76 and 108 Mhz

1W internal loud speaker

The 70mm colour touchscreen interface allows you to adjust the speed and direction of the sweep.

12 sweep speeds are available…..  1 / 10s to 1 second

– Sweeping step of 0.1 Mhz or 0.01 Mhz Ex: 101.00 Mhz becomes 101.10 or 101.01 … etc.

– Reversal of scanning direction: from 76 to 108 MHz or from 108 to 76 MHz

– The sweep can also be paused at any point during the scan which is particularly helpful if a response is received at a certain point of the sweep.

– Touchscreen commands confirmed by an audible beep

– Battery level indicator

– 3.5mm jack socket that can be used to connect an EVP recorder, an external speaker or headphones,



Power supply: 4 AAA alkaline batteries (not included) for up to 5 hours of continuous operation.



How to operate the Spirit Box;

– Switch on the GhostBox using the switch on the back of the box.

– Wait for initialization.

You find on the screen:

o speed

o the frequency

o the mode

o the direction of scrolling


The keys :

[>>>] Change the SENSE OF SCROLL

Pressing switches the scanning direction at any time, the key changes color and displays [<<<], a second press reverses the direction again.

This allows you, combined with the [Pause] key, to return to a “remarkable anomaly”, which you would have detected in “live”, on a specific frequency.

[Speed] DISPLAYs the current scan speed AND switches to PAUSE mode

Press to switch to PAUSE MODE at any time.

The screen is surrounded by a RED border and the key is labeled [Pause].

The frequency change is interrupted and the FREQUENCY REMAINS FIXED indefinitely.

To RESTORE the scan, touch the screen on any zone, EXCEPT the PAUSE key.

[-] REDUCES scan speed

[+] INCREASE scanning speed

Select the scanner speed from 1 to 8 steps from 10 ms to 1s and 0.10 MHz step

Select scanner speed from 9 to 12 steps from 10 ms to 50 ms and at the finest pitch of 0.01 MHz

Beware the Ghostbox is not a pandora box or a direct line with the spirits.

Instrumental transcommunication requires a great deal of work and perseverance.







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